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Tuesday, January 07, 2014


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Last year when i was making a case for johnathon Lewis people was saying he really wasn't that good and i was boosting him because he was my younger brother , i hope that he starts getting the respect he deserves without me having to say anything
THIS YEAR STATS : vs timon 27pts 25 point win
vs South Park 16 pts sat out forth quarter 54 pt win
vs bennet 23 pts 47 point win
vs leadership 23pts 39 point win
vs aquinas 32 pts 13 point win
Once they beat olean and win states thats gon be a strong case for player of the year

And cc your post always be on point and fair might i add , i seen you say before that you dont get paid to do what you do , if thats true i think you should ... You always do a good job on keeping everyone posted on high school ball !!!

Thanks Neil, I'm glad you read the blog and contribute.

Johnathan Lewis does have impressive stats and coupled with his team's success, he will certainly receive some form of accolades at season's end. But what I've come to realize about him is something I tweeted after the Aquinas win - he plays harder than anyone else on the court and seems to want it more. Also, he has definitely improved. Opponents can no longer afford to give him any looks from the perimeter and his drives to the basket have become highly productive. There was a time when he would get to the rim moving 100 mph, but wouldn't finish when he got there. These days, he's either finishing, making the pass at the right time, or knocking down his free throws - another thing that's improved.

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