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Wednesday, January 15, 2014


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Why hasn't Tyree Tyson been playing?

He hyperextended his knee early in the second quarter of East's game at Aquinas on December 28th. He tried going last night against McKinley but he's still not ready.

I say let him sit until he's fully healed. This team is still competitive and good without him. Get him to 100% and this team is scary good. Imagine him and if he ever gets on the court, Rasheed Paul in the lineup.

How influential do you think Tyree would have been in the result of last night's game? I was shocked when I saw the final score before I saw that he didn't play. Also, what can you tell me about Rasheed Paul?

Anyone at tonights op Jamestown game saw what a well coached, well prepared team looks like. This is the difference between Jamestown and the other contenders in AA and that's the bottom line.

The Bottom Line -

I spoke to Coach Drake this week and he asked if I knew who you were. He said that while he appreciates the undying support, he would appreciate even more if you eased up a bit with the strong praise.

That's friggin' hilarious.

Ive heard of ease up on the praise but never back off it. Good advice, make it for deposit only and let it earn interest..."POW"!

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