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Thursday, January 23, 2014


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CC I never thought I'd say this but you missed one in class C.

Thanks, but I miss stuff all the time. I do appreciate the heads up though.

I see Barker leapfrogged a few teams to make a splash at the state level. If they keep winning, which I think they will, they'll be ranked in the top 10 in the state within a couple weeks. I informed my uncle, who graduated from Barker and now lives in Mississippi, of Barker's success this year. He thinks I'm joking.

I'm seeing it and can't believe it so I can sure see how you could miss it. Tough game tonight beat CSAT 61 to 49. Tell you uncle K I said high! North!

I am guessing when we put the whole Sherman 24-0 fact on your website you didn't take the time to look at the schedule. This was definitely a cardinal mistake by you and the Wildcats

Does anyone have the dates of the Manhattan Cup playoffs from the Quarterfinals - Finals ?

If you'll notice above the "Sherman will follow in the footsteps of Argyle and go 24-0" blurb, it says **According to the rankings.

All those are intended to be is hypothetical conclusions based on the state rankings, which I don't put a ton of stock in. I guess you didn't pick up on that, considering you referred to it as a fact.

Obviously I don't think that Nazereth is the only thing separating McKinley & Amherst either. They are actually at a completely different level than the Tigers or Macks.

It was a good win for the Cardinals though. Maybe they're getting back on track following double figure losses to Portville, Allegany-Limestone, & Silver Creek, along with that OT loss at Sherman earlier this year. I did see those on the schedule.

Barker has a favorable schedule with only three more regular season games against teams with .500 or above records.

1/31 home vs. CSAT (5-5 overall, 4-3 league)
-Defeated them by 12 in the first game. Huge size advantage and CSAT doesn't usually fair as well on the road. Only chance I see CSAT having is if they can hit a bunch of 3's and somehow keep Barker off the offensive glass. One of only two teams that is on par with Barker athletically.

2/4 home vs. Medina (8-3 overall, 5-2 league)
-Defeated them by 21 in the first game. Medina has been playing better as of late, pounding CSAT 91-64 on Tuesday. If Brown comes to play could be an interesting game. One of only two teams that is on par with Barker athletically, and the second biggest team in the league after Barker.

2/11 away at Roy-Hart (5-5 overall, 4-2 league)
-Defeated them by 25 in the first game after only leading by 4 at halftime. They have decent size and maybe at home Roy-Hart will be able to put together two complete halves, but Barker is substantially more athletic.

With a great wing player, the best point guard in the league, a good big man, and a good spot up shooter, Barker has the pieces to make it through the regular season undefeated. The only thing that concerns me about them is being able to defend some of the teams in sectionals like Middle College, Silver Creek, and Tapestry. There should be some great sectional games in C this year.

Great comment.

Watch out for Holland in Class C1 as well.

Newfane put it to CSAT up by 20 late in the third and was only as close as it was because Newfane let them hang around with some turnovers and I got to say a well played game by Coach Klumpps boys. they will have more "W" if they keep taking care of the ball and playing inspired Basketball.....Great win COACH!!! and I am more than happy for my friends out east in Barker... they will finish undeafeted in the regular season if they continue to play some good ball...they havent really had any trouble dispatching anyone which unfourtunatly may be their undoing come crunchtime. But if Im picking a dark horse....its Maroon&White and its only because I would never say any different about the good people and hard work they put in to get here....Congrats and all the best......your going to need it to punch a ticket to Buff St.but it can be done so go get it boys...and if you do I'll be there too!

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