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Sunday, January 19, 2014


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Nt won the league when they had Aaron davis

It says that Falls shared the title with NT in 2010.

NT and NF did share the NFL title in 2010. CC your sources are correct

I thought Nt won it Because they won both games that year head to head. either way that wont be situation this year

niagara falls and ken west shared nfl title during the 2011-2012 season.

How about some love for the other East High School, Williamsville East? They are 9-4 and in 1st place in ECIC II. I don't think they have gotten a mention in your blog this year.

Barker @ CSAT at 6pm Tonight 1/23

Hope the boys get it Mr. Haight!

Thanks! It should be a good game they're fast but we have the size advantage. Can't wait.

Game! Sorry to hear your back was acting up would of been great seeing you at the game. Take care North.

Yes Thanks and I did want to come but I also have a LIL Game!! hes in 2nd grade and 4'6"..im hoping he becomes a high flyer like your boy!!!...Im pulling for you guys all the way...its going to get tough but ive seen it happen....I was on the section 6 B2 champs in 79-80. Ill come catch a game before season is over.....did Jake take Billys record down??Im pullijng for you all the way my friend.....see ya soon...Gameout!!

Billy was at the game Friday, he brought his ball back to put in the show case next To Jakes and Rays. Jake is 11 points away from his record. We play Wilson on Tuesday and Billy told Jake he hopes he gets it then because they never beat Wilson when he was playing. One of the refs left the game early in the fourth period was not looking good Hope he's feeling better today. I was Talking to Akrons score keeper after the game telling him I hope Jake becomes as good a man as his sons Eric & Justin Akrons Coaches. They both came up to Jake after the game and wished him the best for the rest of the season. They,re both great guys and have coached Jake in the past he looks up to both of them. Go Raiders!!!!

First thoughts go out to the refand hope hes fine....we do alot of yellin at these guys but I will say we have had a great resource of them...for that...my voice is happy!!Jakes a super kid. I recall over the summer at harbour hoops a few guys could not make it so he offered to coach Connor, Jake, Brad Bobbit and another Connor from RoyHart...Coached to the title!! I spent the day yelling with him at the kids and it was some of my best fun all summer. I was lucky enough to see both my boys win titles and also watch Connor go from 5 step layups in 8th grade mod to All-League 1st teamer with Jake last year. I know how proud you must be of both your boys and almost feel like I still have a horse in the race with your boy playing!...hes an exceptional young man...Top Notch and may he and the rest of the team be blessed with a monster finish to this season of dreams.North is on the move!

Get a room.


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