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Sunday, January 26, 2014


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Can you post any information you might get as to whether any of today's games (Tuesday 1/28) might be on still. Thanks.



All of the top games for tonight are off. Hopefully, Park can play at Nichols on Thursday instead, because there's nothing going on that night.

Thanks for the updates.

Can you post any information you might get as to whether any of today's games (Wednesday 1/29) might be on still. Possibly Park @ O'Hara, Thanks.

Barker @ Wilson 6:30 Varsity Start


Sorry about that yes Tonight.

Park @ O'Hara was ppd. No makeup date yet.

So with Taplin having already won the Player of the Year award obviously, almost as a career achievement award, who is on the rest of the first team? Williams on Timon I think, Washington with all those D1's after him he should get a spot. Maybe Eckstrum cause u need at least 1 white guy on the team clearly. Then Bathurst I guess.

I have been 'retired' 4 a while here, I may start posting again, I miss upsetting people in general.

It hasn't been the same nor as entertaining! Welcome back!

If the season ended right now and the top seeds won out the semis at Buff State and JCC would be:

1-Will North vs. 4-Jamestown
2-Lockport vs. 3-Ken West

1-McKinley vs. 4. Will East
2-North Tonawanda vs. 3-Iroquois

1-Amherst vs 4-Maryvale
2-Lew-Port vs. 3-Cheektowaga

1-Fredonia vs. 4-Depew
2-Olean vs. 3-Medina

1-Salamanca vs. 4-Health Sciences
2-Cleveland Hill vs. 3-East

1-Middle College vs. 4-Silver Creek
2-Barker vs. 3-Holland

1-I-Prep vs. 4-Westfield
2-Randolph vs. 3-Olmsted

1-Sherman vs. 4-Panama
2-Forestville vs. 3-Ellicottville

Obviously there's a ways to go before we get there but there are some interesting match ups, particularly in AA with two league rivalry matchups in the semis and in A2 with a battle of the Kensy's.

Assuming no upsets, the top portion of the AA seedings hinges on the Jtown/North game. If North wins, things are much simpler as North would be the top seed with a 4.583 power point average. Clarence would be the 2 seed with a 4.167 average. Lockport and KW would then coin flip for the 3/4 with identical 4.071 averages and having split against one another. J'town would then be the 5 seed with a 3.75 average. The rest would likely shake out with Lacaster 6th, Falls 7th, Frontier 8th, OP/WSW 9th/10th and NW 11th.

If Jtown wins, things would get crazy as Jtown, North and Clarence would all likely end up with 10-2 league records(4.167 averages) and would have all split against one another. That would force a 3-way coin flip for the 1-3 seeds. Lockport and KW would then still coin flip for the 4/5 seeds, basically just for home court in the quarters. Thus, both NFL teams will be rooting hard for North to win on 2/10 down in Jtown.

A highlight video of Lafayette's Lester Diaz, definitely worth watching all the way through.


Despite the various cancellations this week, there could potentially be a major shakeup in the A-1 bracket standings. North Tondawanda's loss on Friday, coupled with McKinley's two losses on Friday and Saturday pushes Iroquois to the top of that heap, at least in terms of overall record. Although I am not certain of how the "power points" are factored in (I am assuming this would give the edge to North Tondawanda), Tuesday's match up between Iroquois and Williamsville East could be huge in terms of positioning.

nonleague games mean nothing in power points

But isn't the power points formula skewed towards teams in the conferences with more power points available, in this case the NFL? I could be wrong, but the formula is something like division power points accumulated/division games scheduled. Since McKinley only has one class A school in their division (Hutch Tech), they have a much smaller margin of error than someone such as North Tondawanda who has victories over Niagara Falls (6 points), Niagara Wheatfield (6 points), Kenmore East (5), Grand Island (5), etc. Could be wrong though.

Correction, the city league has 4 single A schools. Forgot about South Park and Riverside. Point still stands however

You are correct about the formula LOGOS. That formula only applies to league games, or all games for independent teams.

more points for higher classifivation wins, less points for lower classification wins. Total points divided by number of league wins is your power point average. AA beating A hurts the AA team but if the A wins it helps them

divided by league games not league wins, mistaken

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