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Monday, February 24, 2014


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Great preview. Where can i find past records for semifinal and final rounds? I'm curious to see the # of times each school and which divisions/ leagues are most represented over the last 10-15 years.


Here is a pretty good one for the last 4 years.


Here is a listing of sectional winners that can most likely be found on the back of the Buff State programs this week (are they available yet?).

Observations from East vs. Health Sciences:

- Health Sciences (HS) played harder and had a ton more desire and hustle than East for all of regulation.

- HS 2-3 zone worked great and was very effective at applying pressure to the guards. BUT, East did not do a great job at working the ball inside...at all. Three times they fed a guy in the high post and and twice, they got easy buckets inside to Tyson. The ball should have gone there every possession.

- East did themselves no favors by going 7/18 (give or take a FT) from the free throw line in the 4th quarter and overtime.

- "Ref Clifford" officiated a horrible game including some very questionable foul calls against both teams in the final 30 seconds. I have no idea how he still refs Buff State games.

- Damone Brown of East plays with absolutely no desire and no hustle whatsoever. I know he hit the game tying shot in regulation but I thought that Ayala Jr. should have received significantly more playing time.

- Tyree Tyson of East is definitely not 100%. His first game back from his knee injury. He probably played maybe 20 of the 36 minutes.

Also, if anyone has any video of the Fredonia player who BADLY missed an attempted ALL-ALONE-NO-ONE-AROUND-ME-BY-TEN-FEET-DUNK in teh first quarter, I would greatly appreciate it if it was uploaded to this site. Thanks.

I want a McKinley vs. East High (Rochester) Class A regional game. I'm dyin to see this Dontay Caruthers of East.

Totally AGREE; The REFS would have to be in Shape for that one!!

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