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Thursday, February 06, 2014


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Wow, that is crazy. He was putting up half court shots with ease. His ball handling skills were phenomenal, and playiing on a home court so small, like you mentioned, makes it easier for teams to double and triple team him, yet he seemed to be able to escape the pressure. After watching that youtube clip and reading your post, I definitely want to go watch him play, and hopes he stays local for college to keep an eye on him.

You know CC, they used to write and say the same things about me back in the 40s when I played. NOT!!!

Lester seems like a great kid. Awesome story!! There is nothing better than writing or reading a such a positive piece about a special person. Congratulations to his Mom as well. She has apparently sacrificed a lot for her son. You have to love that.

And I'm guessing the secret is out and we'll see Lester get some serious interest from quite a few colleges. Is love to see him play and now that CC has unearthed this gem!

Thanks for a great insightful write up CC!!

I'm so proud of you!

M. De Jesús

Quality stuff CC. Great read and well written.

You have a special talent

I love you!

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