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Monday, February 10, 2014


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Is it safe to assume that the Cleveland Hill/St. Mary's game originally scheduled for 1/23 won't be played this season? If so, will Cleve Hill add an 18th regular season game or leave it as is?

Brian -

Correct, the game was not rescheduled.

I know that Coach Drake doesn't want me singing his praises but....if you were at the game last night you saw the difference between a well coached team and a superbly coached team. This is why Jamestown will never fall like Niagara Falls has and like all teams do. An extremely well run program run by the best coach in WNY, and that's the bottom line

I'm surprised I haven't read you praising the revamped facilities in Jamestown. First class all the way. Between the crowd that turned out last night and the new renovations, it was a college basketball atmosphere there. Jamestown looks like they'll be a very tough out, even in a parity-riddled Class AA this year.

CC, good to hear you made the trip down to the Mac'. The renovations turned an already fantastic HS gym, into better than most D-3 and D-2 colleges I've seen...

Hopefully the crowd was raucous last night and welcomed you to a good show.

Obviously the loss of Kellam this year has been very evident and the majority of the team playing on the state playoff football team, got them off to a slow start. However, I think they are now beginning to find their legs, and Panebianco is raising his game to another level and to one of the top PG's in WNY.

I look forward to the Raiders being back at Buff St, and to shut up the critics on who the best team in AA is right now.

Last night at the Roy-Hart game against Barker I saw a great show before the Varsity game even started. In addition to the honoring of Roy-Hart Coach Mark Rydza, who is retiring after 25 years at the Rams helm, the pre game ceremonies also featured a Roy-Hart salute to the N-O champion Raider cagers and to Haight, who has earned All-Western New York football honors and is the Raiders all-time career scoring leader. In addition, the pre game introductions saw the Barker players each present Rydza, who is also the Rams long-time golf coach and an avid links enthusiast, with presents of golf balls. Like I said it was a great show put on by Roy-Hart!!!

Sam Castranova (21 pts), lead Williamsville South past Sweet Home 70-54. The Billies are heading into a show down on Thursday at Iroquois, who defeated Starpoint 64-57 behind Phil Bowen's 36 points. If the Billies win, they will win at least a share of the ECIC II title, if the Chiefs prevail, they win the ECIC II outright and the number 1 seed in class A-1. It should be a great game.

That is awesome North. We should start a collection to erect a statue of you holding all of your son's awards. We can't leave out the dunce hat though, just wouldn't feel right without it. Now go scrape off a spot in your yard where you want it placed.

Here's the template:

Next step: Find Sculptor

Do you have an obsession with from the north?

Are you serious is obviously a bully who is unhappy with his life. Hope someone is there to shoot you down every time you are proud of your kids. Really what is worse? A guy who constantly tlks of his children or a blog troll who only comes on here to be a prick? Maybe a basketball opinion sometime. It is the view from centercourt not the view from North's cowardly enemy! Why doesn't centercourt just block this guy from commenting?

It's my fault I should of left the part out about Jake but the point I was trying to make was the respect between the two schools. When they announced the starting five from Barker and they each gave the coach a sleeve of golf balls you should of seen the coach smile.

Who cares about ANY OF THIS!!! It's all about Syracuse!!! Tyler Ennis is da man! 24-0! Nice 2 know that after the HS season ends I still have 2 Syracuse games 2 go 2 in Buffalo, 2 in New York City and 2 in Dallas! By then maybe it will b spring...

Sticks and stones Buffalo Bill. Sticks and stones.

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