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Monday, March 31, 2014


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I like it, first the gridiron now the hardwood next season for the best public basketball and football team in WNY versus the best private basketball and football team in WNY.

How can you say it's the best Public vs. best private schools, isn't that is slap in the face to every other school in WNY?

I think he was referring to Jamestown vs. Canisius, both of whom were ranked 1 and 2 in both this year's final football and (presumably) basketball polls. Jamestown will be playing Canisius in football for the first time since 2009, which renders this a pretty rare occasion.

Yes that is what I was referring too, again another ignorant comment from the people up North.

It's cool they will play next year 4 sure but at St Joe's??? C'mon is that some kind of April Fools Day joke? Maybe Duke and North Carolina can get there game moved 2 Joe's next year?

Look nothing against Marc and Jack both of whom I really like but WHY in the name of GOD would THAT game b played there? So 100 people can 'squeeze in' 2 c it? Makes no sense. I get the 'public/private' thing is moving gym 2 gym now, and that is fine 4 the other 9 games but THAT game should b at Buff State or Daemen College so people could actually ATTEND the game.

If Center Court holds any true power this game will NOT b played in front of family and friends only (if they can even all fit) at Joe's - it just makes no sense. Please somebody wake up and move this game so fans can actually c it. I am Zack and Kellam vs Washington and Trueheart will b great now that Kellam will b returning 2 Jamestown. Let's move the venue so people can actually c the game.

It's the only way St. Joes can remain relevant in the wny hoops landscape nowadays by hosting other big games involving other schools.

Kellum transferring back to Jmstn. A rumor only as of now. FYI. Thanks

Kellam cant transfer back, section 6 rules allow one transfer back to a school

Wouldn't he still be allowed one? The first time he just came to Jamestown, he didn't come BACK, he just came. This would be the comeback. Either way his timing was horrible. BK wins a state championship before he gets there. Jamestown goes to one after he leaves. Comical really.

He is not only allowed back he IS coming back it's confirmed, take it 2 the bank.


Iprep 10? they got some dudes that nobody know about pr something?

Talked to Kellum this past weekend and he has no plans to return and doesn't think he is eligible, Unless he is keeping tight lipped. It would have been nice to see him match up with Canisius. The returning players from Canisius are much stronger than Jamestown core. It will be interesting how Jamestown responds without a true bigman!

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