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Thursday, March 27, 2014


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Coach Husband and his staff does the best job at placing his most talented player's in a position to display their individual skills while also working within the team concept. The sure volume of kid's playing in college relative to other schools in the area is proof of that.

Too often coaches will "hand cuff" thier own player's in an attempt to impose a misguided and outdated concept of discipline. An opponents best defender should not be a coach who will not allow his best player's an opportunity too take over a game and lead his teamates by pushing them to pick up their level of play.

Coach Husband as a former college player understands this and that is why Canisius has had the success they have had. Simply, the premier coach in the MMA if not all of SECVI.

Husband has been great for Canisius but most of the kids listed above were college bound with or without his coaching. I think the talent that attends Canisius helps him look like the premier coach. Alot of what drives Canisius basketball goes to that school to play football and Husbands basketball program becomes the beneficiary. One hand washing the other there.

Agree that they have a very good program but they need to utilize that talent by bringing home some hardware from States like NICHOLS ; TUTNER CARROLL; TIMON; ST JOES; and OHARA have done in the past!

All those kids listed were some of the best players in western new york going into high school. Husband has done a good job developing talent(some could argue the aau did). However his in game coaching is his downfall. He has failed to win when it matters most and seems to choke under pressure. Canisius the last 3 years have had great teams but always have seemed to lose when it matters most. I think Jamestown is a good example of at the biggest games and the talent is even it comes down to a coach who can make the right X and O decisions and is able to keep his team calm. Husband lacks that ability and i feel until he does Canisius is not going to make their ultimate goal of winning states.

Good Observations but with 3 D1 Hoops Prospects and 2 other D1 Football Prospects they need to overcome that next season!

Hey CC, I did not realize CHS kids are the only graduates in the area. Is this a Canisius blog or what? Show your objectivity by doing the same for all the top schools in the area. Would be nice to know where some of the big names over the years have ended up.

Bobcat -

Really? Nice sarcastic start to your comment.

Yes, this is a Canisius blog. The View From Delaware Ave. Just working on the copyrights.

Your comment reminds me of a kindergarten teacher telling a kid they can't have a piece of candy unless they brought enough for everyone to share.

The information was passed on to me and I shared it in this forum. That's all. Didn't think I needed to attend a course in sensitivity training prior in order to gain the capacity to fully consider the feelings of others. Maybe then I'd have some "objectivity".

A couple of years ago, I did some exhaustive work and produced a post on where every single former WNY player was playing at the next level (link provided below). It did not draw the interest I anticipated and was hardly worth the effort.


If you want to track the big names from all the top schools, go to Home Base Buffalo, that's what that blog is designed for. In the meanwhile, I will continue to take offense to anyone questioning my objectivity.


the question is who supplied the info? those kids play for many WNY coaches and still play in college. Canisius had way better talent than Nichols - is it the coach or the player? Rusty - how do you know what you say here? By watching from the stands? Agree with CM and CHSfan.

CC, loved how you got all defensive over you objective reporting. Good job?

CC Thanks for all of your work over the past four years. Thanks again from the North!!!!

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