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Wednesday, March 05, 2014


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Johnathon Lewis 24 points vs olean in the game of the year vs olean , 32 points at aquinas MVP of that tournament , 33 points in win over middle college , 27 points vs timon ... The kid plays big in the biggest moments !!! Just imagine if he had the size of Bathurst or a tapling a scary thought ... It was games after Tyson went down where they triple team him box and 1 him and he still manage to get his team to a 18-3 record and 1st seed in the B2 bracket ... He's also a 1,000 point scorer ... For a lil guy he had a heck of a career

I just have 2 say since last summer I have been pointing to March 5th as the game of the year and it certainly WAS THAT. Back and forth, East up 14, Olean up 9, Lewis and Bathurst taking over at times 4 each team.

BEST HS GAME OF THE YEAR. No question. In the 1st Small School poll of the year 1 voter had East #1 and Olean #2. If Tyson would have been healthy there is no doubt that voter would have been right and East would have won. It would b like Sam Eck not being able 2 run 4 Olean.

4 of the same 5 teams make regionals, and Middle College last year almost made it 5/5.

3 best coaches in WNY so not surprising (I said COACHES not 'recruiters') they r back - Drake, Dorsey, Anistasia

I have followed Johnathan Lewis high school career quite closely.It was a phenominal ride and I hated to have to finally park that ride Tuesday night because it truly.was a Cadillac at least. I got to know a young man whois a class act in every regard. His family is also top notch with full love and support He carries merit roll grades in school. The kid deserves to be first team ALL WNY as justified by.what he.did on the court all season long. A college will be blessed wherever he attends Thank you to the Lewis family for giving me the opportunity to be a.part of your lives for three years and thank you Jonathan for all the joy you gave me watching you do what you love doing You make me nothing but proud

To me, Lewis is a first teamer, along with Bathurst, Taplin and Williams. Other 1st team spot depends on if Jtown can get to Glens Falls.

I thought this was a spectacular game and definitely worth all the hype it received throughout the entire season. You just wonder what would have been if Tyson was 100% because I thought there were times in the game when he was better than Eckstrom. The Tyson against Timon in the first game of the year was not the same Tyson on the floor against Olean.

Eckstrom is a little overrated IMO. He doesn't perform well against guys his own height as evidenced by his performance against Trueheart, Wheatley and even a less than 100% Tyson. Most of points were 2nd chance "garbage" points and free throws (which for a big man, he does make).

I thought Bathurst turned it on in the second half as well as Schimdt knocking down timely threes. Hennessey is probably the best pure point guard I've seen since Mark Copolla. He keeps his cool, never looks fazed and keeps the game under his control. Him embracing Lewis after the game was awesome and McShea was able to find a video of it online. Cool stuff.

Great game, great week of hoops and looking forward to regionals this Saturday. My prediction is that WNY goes 2/5. Olean and McKinley advance. MEC and Clyde Savannah will be close game. ND-Batavia will blow out Sherman.

Johnathon Lewis and luke Hennessy has been keeping in touch since that game , they plan on always keeping in touch and working out together ... Great stuff two great competitors ... Basketball is life it opens so many doors and meet great people ... A kid from the intercity and kid from olean !!! As a older brother of johnathon even tho he lost to olean the sportsmenship those guys from olean show makes me respect them so much more and im going for them to win it all !!

Neil, I was just a guy out to watch a game. Had a seat in the front row close to where the embrace took place. When the shot didn't drop for Jonathan I felt bad for him, but to see an opponent "pick him up" immediately afterword was very encouraging.

Clearly two young men with great passion for the game which is equaled by a love for each other and their well being.

Hopefully that moment can be transitioned into a teachable moment about respect for your opponent and the story is heard by many.

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