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Tuesday, April 08, 2014


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CC, on this happy occasion of confirming what everyone knows, Anastasia is perennially a top 3 or so coach in WNY, why is it that you like you were just arrested for robbing a bank? :)

No one can dispute the fine job that Coach A did this year and always does. However I'm not sure you can separate what Coach Drake did with the Red Raiders who took a team that few expected to advance outside of WNY let alone make it to the AA state title game. And to accomplish that with the Kellam transfer makes the accomplishment all the more impressive.

While Jamestown exceeded expectations, Olean didn't quite meet them while doing everything possible to win a state title. Of course, one can argue that trying to meet outsized expectations and falling just short while having a tremendous season is even more challenging than exceeding lowered expectations. Every year there are teams touted to reach great heights that fall short demonstrating how difficult it is to carry the burden of great expectations on your shoulders throughout a season. The teams that do are indeed special.

And I'd say someone who was right there this year with Coach Anastasia and Coach Drake is Coach Reinholtz at Nichols. One cannot ignore how they finished the season. They broke the stranglehold Canisius had on the Manhattan Cup in a year when the Crusaders were almost universally viewed as not only WNY's best squad, but one was an odds on favorite to win a state title and make a serious run at a federation title especially after defeating Nazareth handily, performing so well at the Georgetown tournament and breezing through local competition through the year.

Frankly you couldn't go wrong with choosing any of the three. Each, as well as their teams, are to be commended on an outstanding season.

In my view the pollsters got the small school ballot wrong. With Tyson, east may well have been the best team and deserving the top spot. And they certainly gave Olean a huge scare in the B finals. They dealt with adversity and performed well. Despite that they should not have been #2. The poll reflects the best teams this season and the final poll reflects the best teams at the season's conclusion. Nichols defeated Canisius! Not only that they they gave the Crusaders their toughest local game in January with the Crusaders putting some distance between them on foul shots in the waning moments of the game. Meanwhile Canisius ran over Olean earlier in the year while Olean needed a buzzer beater to beat Nichols at Olean in December. And I think Nichols would have given Westhill a much tougher game assuming they matched up in man D. I think Cam Lewis would have posed some problems for Westhill's sharpshooter with his length that Olean could not.

Thus I think Nichols deserved consideration for the #1 spot and certainly should not have been #3 behind East.

Now that's what I'm talking about Mr. Andrews! That smile with your daughter on TBN PT blog says it all!!!

June 7th team camp at NFHS- participating teams-Holland,wilson,Canisius, NF, Depew, o'hara, st. joes,East Aurora,Starpoint and Batavia. Come check it out if you ned a hs hoops fix games start at 9am. Also sad to see Chinoso lose a year of college eligibility because they say he was to old in hs. kids are pawns nowadays

State Rankings -I know AA and A were down this year but Green Tech wins AA and ranked 8th, and A does not have one section 6 team in top 25? Canisius is 7 and Nichols 19 but no publics. How bad was it

SCOTIA and WESTHILL were probably the 2 best " public" schools in the state this year regardless of CLASS. Where can I get PAL/ACE results?

sorry no Buff news coverage they are in spring sports mode(understandably) fr/so game Howard and Charles lamar(NF) were game MVPs Howard was himself scoring 24 and setting teammates up. Lamar had 12 pts, 2 dunks for the 14 yr old(hopefully good for me down the road lol). Don't have the book with me but Randy Golda( Park) played great was West MVP and Kordell (st francis ) I believe ,sorry on vacation mode. 2 good games both were close games kids shared ball West had 4 kids in double figures. Tough getting kids to play ahrd in all star games but for most part was good. about 200 fans so Niagara PAL benefited a bit. Nice to see about 10 d3 coaches in gym and afterwards talking to players really what the games are about, helping kids.
On another note how about Chinoso(Kearney) having a yr taken away by NCAA because he was to old in HS. Things have changed

Thanks SAL; sounds like the future could be bright for WNY Basketball. I need to find out more about CHIJONSO. situation; he is a very good kid but there were always questions about his age in Section 5.

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