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Thursday, April 03, 2014


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CC...very strong selections. I completely agree with the 1st team. My only disagreement would be to select two of Hollins, Whalen or English to replace Brown and Welch on fifth team. I feel those three were the their team's best player...three teams that were superior to Amherst and Cheektowaga, who benefitted from weaker divisions and playoff brackets.

Thank you. I hear you on all three of the guys you mentioned for fifth team. I struggled with leaving each of them off and if there was a 6th team, there's three of the five.

Let's see...2 other guys for 6th team...I'd say Cheathom and Scott...maybe Phillips, Steward or Cox...tough call.

Excellent job CC. You pretty much nailed it. The only thing I would change is Lee Yaw for Williams on 1st only because of how far Jamestown got and I never thought we saw the best Williams had to offer. Also, Dougherty is a 2nd team talent but would have been too high after Lockport went out in the semis, even if it was to jamestown. Nice touch with stats for all the honorable mentions.

CC, where are the comments. An All CC or All WNY always brings out the chattering class with claims of politics bias stupidity etc. That always bothered me. Since there are only 3 comments it can mean only one thing! You did an outstanding job. I wholeheartedly agree! Great job and thx for a great year of covering hs hoops for WNY hoop fans.

Just came home from the Jamestown basketball banquet where I found out about Zack Panebianco status on your team I was elated as you know how I feel about the Red Raiders Kinda figuring that it was neck and neck between Zack and Wil and an agonizing job in the final decision.Fully agree with your first team and nearly every othet choice So glad to see Jonathan Lewis gettinga well.deserved fitst team Huge.TC Brown fan who has capability of future first team Wish more people could've seen Riversides Willie.Smith.on a down RHS.season I felt he was fourth team at least But overall. CC anothrr outstanding job ThankYou

i'm sure it is very difficult to see all of the fine WNY players during the course of the season, but Maple Grove has 2 players that earned at least an honorable mention. Corey Wefing and Graham Soffel turned in outstanding seasons, lifting MG from a very poor season start to a birth in the Sectional final vs. Randolph. Soffel in particular stands out with his inside-outside game, and scored 30 (including 17-20 from the foul line) in an upset over Buffalo East in the Sectional semi-final.

correction, Maple Grove defeated I-Prep (#1 seed), not Buffalo East in the Sectional semi.

Great job

CC,nice work and good to see you had the smarts to give Panebianco poy which is well deserved. Safe bet that the news will give it to someone from w north for some reason they think they have to. Always so much talk about giving awards to guys whose teams have nice years and advance in playoffs, so why give it to someone who never won the section? Good player, just not poy material regardless of numbers. About numbers, do the math whomever comes up with some of them needs a lesson on how to do stats.

Great job!!! Always enjoyable to see your insight because I know its well informed and thought out.

I might have switched up Funk and Washington, but that just splitting hairs.

Already looking forward to next year.

Thank you, that means a lot coming from you - someone who sees plenty of basketball and offers me great perspective every time we talk.

I think that this list is very well thought out and is as accurate as one can be. There will always be some players who could be listed higher or lower based on your personal perspective. There should be no question regarding CC's honest views towards WNY basketball. As you can see from the extensive write-ups, a lot of thought was put into this and we as a WNY basketball community should thank him for his hard work and promotion of our sport. Thanks CC!

Player of year - or a players great career ? - if its a yearly thing then the players team should have been successful in sectionals. North never made it to sectional finals in the five years. Never won game at BUff State. Once again the news goes on past successes and not what is presently going on in high school basketball or any sport they write about. That is because the coverage is poor and after the fact. CC - excellent choice on your player of year - the news got it wrong again - although their choice is an excellent player. Just not THIS years poy.

I can see it going both ways. If you look the way the awards are handed out at the college and professional ranks, for instance, the playoffs aren't even given full weight. The Heisman is given out in December before the bowl games. The NFL MVP is given out before the Super Bowl. The NBA gives out its MVP award at the beginning of May, well before the playoffs are over. Weighing the playoffs could actually be considered unfair. An MVP/Player of the Year award is supposed to reflect a player's performance throughout the season, from beginning to end. That's why most leagues have separate awards for the playoffs. It's a completely different season. The stakes are different. The game planning is different. The health of teams are different. The coaching is different. While I don't think a player's playoff performance can or should be ignored completely, to dismiss a player's performance in the beginning and middle stages of a season is unfair, and probably intellectually dishonest. Both Panebianco and Taplin were worthy candidates for Player of the Year, and you could make a very good argument for either.

Also, the Buffalo News selections aren't just media ballots. If you read the PrepTalk Blog, they sent out ballots to all coaches. I have no idea how much or how little those ballots are weighed in the decision making, but it's not just Keith McShea, or other Buffalo News folks making these picks. It's a comprehensive process.

That's not to say that Centercourt doesn't get input from coaches either (I'm sure he does), but just like any other outlet that gives out any sort of awards, the criteria are usually different from outlet to outlet, and that's perfectly fine.

Centercourt POY > Buffalo News POY.

I can't say I'm surprised by the News' decision to go with Taplin as their POY. It's the safe, let's not hurt this kids feelings because we already made him a three time first team selection POY pick. Taplin very well might be the first News POY to never play in a sectional or MMA championship game. That's unreal. The fact that he's included in the same sentence with Tony Kelly, Jason Rowe, Tim Winn and Will Regan is just crazy to me. 3 of those 4 guys are in the upper echelon of greatest high school basketball players to come out of WNY. Taplin couldn't hold their jock strap.

The News kept going on and on about how he is the career leader in points, assists, steals and who knows what else. He played 99 varsity games for a program that isn't rich with basketball talent. Playing 99 varsity should result in being the schools career leader in multiple stats. I thought this was a player of the year award not a career achievement award.

Don't get me wrong, Taplin is a very good player but not Player of the YEAR. Bathurst and Panebianco both had way more impressive seasons than Taplin.

I commend Centercourt for giving his POY to Panebianco and overall I think you did a great job with the teams.

Winning sectional games and getting to Buff State has a lot to do with the coach developing players around the superstars. Taplin needed help.

I think it should have been Co-Players of the year but having said that; fans should stop putting TAPLIN down; he is the smoothest most talented player in WNY and deserves the recognition and praise he gets. And now to be politically incorrect: I don't get all of the OLEAN HYPE; yes they are a very good program with very good hard working players but as a NON WNYER ; I only see them at States and other than 2008 they have not impressed after the WNY Media and Fans build them up like the 96 BULLS; instead I see the likes of OGDENSBURG; GLENS FALLS; LUDDEN; and WESTHILL putting on the show and leaving everyone impressed.

Just spoke with Keith McShea. He said Howard Washington is getting his P.O.Y. next year and the one after. I had no idea these things were determined before the season starts. All makes sense now.

Would not doubt it, it does not have to do with the current season, it has to do with your career stats. Not getting poy doesnt mean you are not an excellent player. Would doubt the coaches voted that way even though ther ballots were submitted.

You are right on with that.
Taplin was anointed POY long before this past season even started.

Right on about Howard Washington being anointed for the next few years.

But let me state, that Taplin was an elite player in WNY during his career. Cannot deny that, but in my opinion not POY this year.

And Howard Washington may EARN POY of the year next year, but it seems that Keith sees a potential talent and hangs his POY very early in their career.

Keith McShea does a good job for the News reporting High School Basketball. But he needs to look beyond the "anointed" ones.

Centercourt, words cannot describe what you have done for those of us that follow High School Basketball, and the kids that play.

Thank you for all the time and effort you put in.

Its crazy how he saying Howard will win it next year like Zach not playing next year

you have GOT to be kidding with the last four posts (and a few others). live chat tomorrow night. I'll be swatting nonsense (like some of the stuff I just read) and wagging my finger all night. #stoptheflop

Typical arrogance, very typical! You disregarded the input you asked for from the coaches because you think you know more than all of us. Apparently you know more than trained officials too. What you think are swats are called fouls because you are a hack!

What were the results of the allstar games at Grabiarz a few weeks back. Who won and who did the scoring? Curious.

Hey, Mr. Anonymous coach (or person posing as one). This is really me. My email is [email protected]. The previous post may or may not have been me, but I don't disagree with it -- it seems pretty obvious whoever posted it was trying to have some fun.

And of course #preptalkshamelessplug to watch PrepTalkTV videos tonight (starring the guy who runs this blog!) & visit the live chat for an actual discussion about the actual process.

@statechamp203 I rarely chime in these conversations but I see that you have some really ridiculous comments. He can't hold ther jock straps, wow I am appalled by that you clearly do not understand basketball. Charles Barkley has never won a championship in the NBA so that I guess diminishes all of his accomplishments and he had a great deal of help. My next point, you stated he should have broken all those records. Well let's view that Einstein, obviously you have never been to a game they devise defeneces to stop him box, triangle and other gimics and McKinley style just put two guys on him that did not work either. So what I think is you in some fashion is jealous that MY kid can play and I am more disappointed in me for giving you my time. By the way he just picked up 4 more offers......

@Keith Mcshea seems like your all western NY team was il line with the all state team not bad!!! Still not a fan but good job!!

Former Canisius & current Hamilton standout, Matt Hart, has told me he will make the move to D1 next season. He is currently considering multiple offers and will do so over the next few weeks as they continue to roll in.

@keithmcsheabn reports that Stan Wier took a medical redshirt and will play next season at Midland Community College(Tex) as a freshman, quite possibly making him the worlds oldest freshman basketball player at 21. Looks like 21 is the new 18 for freshman baskelball players in college.

Congratulations to all of this years wny hs basketball alum class of 2010 who continued to play in college and are now graduating on time at 21 or 22 years old and good luck in your future endeavors.

Matt Hart has received a scholarship offer from Hartford College and there is SOME interest from Niagara and St. Bonaventure. Chasing the D1 dream is fine but when you're tracking towards being a schools all-time leading scorer and possible HOF at your current school it may not be the best decision. I hope it all works out for Matt.

Best of luck to Matt Hart. Hope he does well wherever he goes or stays. I also see a dig at Stan Wier. If the guy was hurt and couldn't play and he still wants to compete in college basketball along with getting his degree, no matter how old he may be, God Bless him.

It would be really Cool to see a WESTHILL VS CANISIUS or WESTHILL VS NFHS match up next season. It would be good for all the teams and the Fans!!

Heard Herlan is out at SJCI for basketball any truth?

Jaysean Paige of Moberly CC signs with West Virginia according to @jucorecruiting

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