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Friday, June 20, 2014


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zak ciezki of Cheektowaga warriors playing in queen city classic basketball league
scores 24 and 20 points last 2 games and gets player of the week for week 5

going to hoop group this week and then BCANY end of month

Howard Washington transferring to Montverde Prep in Florids for junior year.

PREP School Trend is getting out of hand; Rep your Hometown like BOB LANIER; CLIFFORD ROBINSON; TREVOR RUFFIN; and JOHNNY FLYNN did!!

The competition at Montverde will be fantastic for Howard. It's a great move for him in that regard. He does not, however, need it for exposure. Anyone and everyone in college hoops already knows who he is. Other than being a basketball factory I know little else about Montverde. The problem though with many prep schools is that the quality of education is substandard. Basketball is awesome and can take you many places, but it does have a limited shelf life. Education, on the other hand lasts a lifetime. With an excellent attitude and a strong work ethic the sky is the limit with both. I hope it's a great marriage of both for Howard.

You'll be missed in WNY Howard! Good luck at Montverde.

Montverde is a good private school. I'm happy for Howard and this move will do wonders for his development. The coach at Montverde developed Kyrie Irving, Kidd-Gilchrist, and many other high-level players while at St. Patrick's, and went 28-0 this year at Montverde. No brainer if I hace elite talent.

I'm not sure how much developing either of those two needed. I saw Irving torch a great AAU squad for 47. Gilchrist was likewise a freakish hoops player. Both good kids too back in the day. Competition wise a no brainer.

Great move for Howard. Right move at the right time in preparation for best success at high D1 level.

Yes; the comp is very good at these PREP Schools as they are basically recruited All Star Teams from throughout North America but is High School Basketball really come down to who the best bidder is? In this case; the athlete is already facing top Comp in AAU and better than average Comp on his HS Team; it's not like CANISIUS went 32-0 culminating with a State Federation Title, Additionally; Canisius is a solid academic school. So; other than 1 less talented exciting player to watch in UPSTATE NY ( along with Thomas Bryant and Anthony Gaines); I don't see the need. These players should be Representing Buffalo; Rochester; and Kingston not Florida; West Virginia; and New Hampshire.I can only Imagine how good LEBRON could have been if he left Akron and went to Prep School. LOL

Kyrie was at a small private school in NJ his freshman year similar to Howard, and made the decision to transfer to St. Patrick's. Obviously he (and MKG) was especially gifted, but he was not going to max out his talent at Montclair Kimberly HS. As we have all seen especially in the WNY area, talent without development and competition. I can't really fault the kid for going to play at a good school with a coach who has had multiple, high-level pro players (and a few players in this year's Final Four) under his tutilege. Lebron may not have gotten better at a prep school but the kids were talking about aren't on that level lol.

I would like to see kids stick around, but the area isn't what it used to be as far as getting the best out of our kids, basketball or otherwise. Basketball in Buffalo has come down to the highest bidder as well, as we have all seen kids scouted from 6th grade up, and kids poached from suburban and public schools every year. It is what it is.

Very Good. points around the game; I just think the last thing WNY Hoops needs is it's best talent leaving halfway through HS. Canisius has the ability to play National Level Comp with their Non League games and with Washington leading a team with multiple potential scholarship players; they could have put BUFFALO back on the map.

Hmmm, I wonder if it's a coincidence that the news about Washington going to prep school waited until after Canisius' two new transfers came aboard?? Might that have effected their decisions if they knew beforehand?

Is this the same school where the former st. mary's coach went to as well?

mma fan, No it is not, he was Nova ......? I hear he just took a job in Ohio somewhere

Hard to feel sorry for Cani$iu$ losing a player to a transfer.

Looks like Howard will be playing with the Canadian 17U squad in the FIBA world championships. Now that is sweet.

Congratulations to HW for making the 17 CANADA Team but I am still not Fond of the Prep School Route.

Leaving is a good move for the kid to play against the best comp in the nation. Although staying would have been good for the area it would not allow him to move up that ranking ladder playing in Buffalo against so so comp. Staying would also mean that he would have the pressure of leading CHS to multiple titles in MMA and states to prove his greatness. I do not see that happening with teams like Nichols still loaded. If he is successful it will give him more options in 2 years and take pressure off to win. I must point out that Stan Weir tried this going to La Lumeire and was back in the area shortly after so time will tell if the move is a good one or not. I applaud the kid for making this gutsy move!

Sterling Taplin and his AAU teammates are competing for the National AAU title at 5:20. Watch it on ESPNU!

I wouldn't call transfering from one private school to another for basketball pruposes a gutsy move. In fact, I see it as the opposite...an easier way out. These factories are a huge contributor as to why the depth of basketball, particularly at the college level, has declined.

Good point and it would be nice to see CANISIUS win a State Title.with their Section Six All Star Team before their Star Players think they are too good for the area. It is amazing how a Hick from French Lick became an NBA Hall of Famer. LOL

Yes...when you look at teams like Scotia-Glenville and Hoosick Valley, teams that do have D-1 players, win state titles and retain their best players it makes one wonder from where the disconnect comes.

WESTHILL also who along with SCOTIA was probably the best team Upstate regardless of class.

UB/Bobby Hurley advanced guard academy 8/15-16. As a HUGE added bonus Bobby Hurley, Sr. probably the best high school coach ever will be lecturing at the camp. Hurley Sr. is the winningest hs coach of all time and has won numerous New Jersey state tournament of champions. He has been so successful and made such a big positive difference in the lives of numerous underprivileged kids that a book was written about him and his players. For a tremendous basketball read check out The Miracle of St. Anthony.

In any event, the camp is not to be missed if you're a guard and aspire to be the best you can be. I've watched some guard drills that UB coach Hurley runs his guards through and they better than most I've ever seen and as good as any I've seen over the years. Here's a link to the camp brochure.


Even with Howard leaving theres still plenty talent for Canisius to go with. Look out for upcoming junior Will Atkinson who is basically a lock to start at 2 or 3 guard depending what others play. also the new transfer of Justin Jones from joes. Hopefully they will make it out of the semifinals though this year!

Anyone have any results from CAN-AM?

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