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Thursday, June 05, 2014


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Results please and what players performed well would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

At UB's team camp today. Niagara Falls, Henniger, St. Joes and a few other headlined. A little disappointed by the lack of participation by some schools. Hurley runs a clinic as part of the camp and unfortunately for the teams and coaches not there they missed a great opportunity. UB is also the perfect place to run a camp with 7 courts.

Who won? Who looked good?

I was there only got a little while. Not enough to give you much useful info. Niagara Falls was down to 4 guys in their last game and putting a decent fight against Henniger. It was more of a social call for me. Caught up with a handful of coaches/refs I haven't seen in a while. Always fun

St. Joes looked like one of better local teams there. Alot of top schools only had jv teams there. 2 Syracuse teams were probably best teams there. I did not see Falls. Most top players were away at AAU tournaments. Coach Hurley individual workouts worth price of admission

Saw a tweet from McShea. Canisius lands yet another transfer. And get this! This transfer comes from their arch rival SJCI! Here's the tweet https://mobile.twitter.com/KeithMcSheaBN/status/482029003331887104.

According to one knowledgeable insider the Crusaders are now the 1-10 favorite to win the NHYSCHSAA state title.

I should revise that a bit, those odds were made after landing Cheektowaga standout and the areas best freshman Dominick Welch.

Before declaring them state champs lets see if they can qualify for the states this year. I believe last year they were ordained for that title and didn't even make it out of WNY.

Agreed PJB; they need to win a State Title period.

What's going on at St. Joes? Sounds like it's out of control. According to a Joe's alum, Herlan fired! AD axed! One of area's best people and coaches Mark Simon told he has only one year left. Don't know anything about AD, but canning Herlan and giving Mark one more year is among the most outrageous decisions made in local coaching circles in recent times. Mark and Jack have bled Marauder Maroon for a long long time.

Raw deal for Coach Simon and Coach Herlan. Joes doesn't do what a couple other larger catholics do that encourages transfers. You can't compete at a high enough level if you can't bring in kind of players ending up at Canisius.

I wasn't fired and, to my knowledge, the AD hasn't been either.

Sorry Jack. Just repeating what I heard from a reliable Marauder source. Regardless hard to see how St. Joes moves forward in a positive direction with the best 1-2 pinch on high school basketball sources.

Without its 1-2 punch

Yeah, well, I wasn't fired but I am not returning to coach basketball either. I prefer not to discus details here but it WAS my decision.

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