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Tuesday, December 02, 2014


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There is no Williamsville West, assume you mean East?

That's the point, man...they're all that close.

ECICMAN - really dude?

Officially season kickoff Wednesday at Pastor! I am so excited I will pay everyone's admission!!!

Why does the pizza always blow at Pastor? It's always cold, cheese coming off...who orders this? Would not Al Pastor's memory not b better served with better quality pizza 4 his guests?

Yeah really, all 3 teams were solid last year but only North got any coverage so not sure if some know East from West. Thanks for your informative post on pizza though...

ECICMAN Only North deserved coverage - they have the best looking coach (clearly), and had the Buffalo News player of the year.

I am honestly hoping my posts help with AWARENESS - we shouldn't have 2 deal with inferior pizza in this day and age of HS sports.

That might be true about the North coach, but St. Joe's has the sexiest.

Lancaster tip off tourney starts tonight. Cca vs Cleve hill and Lancaster vs Dunkirk. Lot of talk Lancaster will be a buff st team this year.

There was lots of talk Obama would b a good President too....

My Pre Season Large School Top 10:

Nichols, Jamestown, Canisius, McKinley, Cheektowaga, Timon, Amherst, Will North, Niagara Falls, St Joe's

If I remember didn't Lancaster beat you preseason number 1. With all 3 of their superstars too

Canisius should be #1 in large schools and East #1 in the small schools. Both are loaded!

Lancaster at Nichols Dec 8th 6:30

My Top 10 is exactly right. Lancaster? Is that a joke? They haven't had a good team since the Carter administration.

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