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Wednesday, December 03, 2014


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CC - Great in depth preview.

Great information,well done CC. Will be another great season of high school hoops!!!

Nichols is going to win the MMA and Manhattan Cup. Chris Miner, Cameron Lewis and Tanner Schmit won't let that slide by them this year. To much talent with those three and Nichols won last year without Tanner for most of the year and basically all the playoffs.

Nichols 24-0 regular season, 3-0 Manhattan Cup playoffs, beat Long Island catholic champ, beat NYC catholic champ, win 2 games at the Fed, final record 31-0, Overall Class A State Champs.

Park in MMA B is a joke.

I have to agree with that. If you want to get the A/B thing right, in my opinion, there are two ways to go about it.

1. Be willing to send a school with Class A numbers, but not talent, down for a season, replacing them with a Class B team that everyone knows will be elite.


2. Have as many teams compete as Class A schools in the MMA as talent warrants.

I'd definitely go with #2

Since no one has mentioned it on here, 2014 Timon standout Donte Williams made ESPN Sportscenter. Enjoy!


Keep an eye on Graham Soffel of Maple Grove. Turned in a 30-pt. performance vs. I-Prep in last year's Class C Sectional semi-final win, and returns for his 3rd year as a varsity starter.

With Keith McShea on the sidelines this is definitely THE place to be for the coverage of hs hoops! AWESOME job CC!!

Big Green Fan, I love Nichols but I'd never be so bold. I hope they play well together and give Canisius and the rest of the MMA a run for their money. I'm definitely rooting for them.

I'd like to know why Park would play in the B division.

Good call on Graham Soffel. I've seen him play at least three times, and he is a driven player. He's skilled & athletic, but what really stands out is how hard he plays. Definitely a player to watch.

Donte Williams is at Redemption Christian Academy Prep averaging 17 points, 5 boards a game and is getting looks from Marquette, St. Louis, Montana State and Miami-Ohio. High level athlete and scorer.

Donte ' s crazy dunk has over 50000 combined views

What happened to Dominic Welch going to St. Joe's? Was it just a rumor?

Welch was enrolled at Canisius for the first quarter than transferred back to Cheektowaga.

What was with the brawl last night? Al Pastor must have been rolling over in his grave! Maybe hire idk ONE security guard? Charge $1 to get in next year and there would b no more fights - half the people there last night couldn't afford 2 get in :)

Hutch Tech has one of the most underated back courts in WNY with Junior guard Jaylin Rose and Senior Guard Dante Campbell, they both could be 2 of the best in their classes yet get no recognition.

I believe one to watch is Jaylen Prophet from McKinley!

Middle early College wins at the buzzer vs.east. Amir Jemes pass to Isaiah Jenkins from 15 ft to win!

Ps just read the site today people need to stop sleeping on Jo-Jo Staton

I agree with you and I'm wide awake now. I honestly thought I had JoJo in the player watch list and that's my fault for missing that. He will force teams to game plan around him all season, and if they don't, they'll pay dearly. Thank you for leaving that comment - it was appropriate & well said.

Maybe it's time to stop sleeping on St. Mary's . I didn't expect that

I didn't expect that either.

I'm not surprised St. Mary's beat Middle College, but it was 53-37 heading into the 4th quarter. That's three quarters worth of controlling a game and not allowing any runs. Definitely a big statement from the Lancers, who weren't even ranked by the state in Class B this week. Playing very focused basketball.

It would be great to do a mid season update of this if not too much work to see how predictions re standings and players to watch etc are unfolding and who to add etc. Great work on season coverage to date thanks

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