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Wednesday, January 07, 2015


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I was pretty excited for this game when I marked it on my calendar back in December but the end result was nothing like the hype of the game. This game was so lopsided that I actually felt bad for Nichols and left early.

The player that stood out the most was obviously Laterrance Reed. This was the third time I've seen Canisius play (Kearney and J-Town) this year and each time I come away with being more impressed by Reed's play. This guy would be a superstar on any other team in WNY and in my mind he's a top 3 guard in the area surpassing the likes of Percy Bryant (4th team All CC), TC Brown (5th team) and Devin Morris (5th team). He reminds me a lot of Aaron White except with a much better jump shot. He's fast and strong with the ball.

I said before the game that the Nichols guards were going to have a difficult time getting the ball up court against Reed and Huffman and after Nichols' best guard, Serotte, got his 3rd foul in the 1st quarter, things began to unravel even more.

Nichols just could not get into their half court set at all. Canisius was playing an aggressive "in your face" man-to-man and Nichols players were receiving passes 25 feet away from the hoop and had hands in their faces the whole game. When Nichols did get inside the paint, Canisius was fouling them and making them work for every point.

There was a stretch of 1-2 minutes in the 2nd quarter where the tallest player on the court for Canisius was Justin Jones (6'2" at best) and Nichols had all three of their big men on the court and Nichols couldn't even inbound the ball or get the ball past half court. They couldn't take advantage of what I thought was there number #1 strength in their length and height at all and their 2-3 zone was pitiful with Canisius getting easy buckets and easy passes between defenders.

A lot of accurate descriptions of last night's game. Stated simply it was a barn yard brawl and Canisius took Nichols to the woodshed and whipped them BIG TIME. Fortunately they'll have another opportunity to show there's some fight in that dog. The next game will be a character defining one. As with the Champ all I could watch was just over 11/2 quarters before leaving to grapple with some wings at Duffs, which I'll add was far more enjoyable.

Can we all agree that StateChamps2003 needs to comment a lot more?

That analysis was outstanding. If I need to, I'll start picking you up on my way to games.

haha! I only attend the games that are convenient to my location...city of Buffalo and close suburbs.

I'm debating between MEC @ McKinley and Walsh @ Park for Friday. I'll def be at the Park @ Canisius game next week.

The Yale Cup game will be much more competitive. I'll see you there. And I'll definitely be at the Park @ Canisius game next week as well. I guess you're officially my new color guy.

City of Buffalo has cancelled all after school activities for today 1/8/15

I was not at the Canisius game, but I've seen Nichols a number of times this year and they don't do a very god job of using there size. They play Schmitt and Lewis on the perimeter way too much and don't get Minor the ball nearly enough on the blocks. Most of Minor's contributions offensively comes on putbacks. I understand that with their guard situation, Lewis needs to handle the ball, but once its over half court they need to stop dribbling the ball 20 feet from the basket trying to go on on one, and run some plays to get the ball to the bigs in scoring position. They would be tough for anyone to stop in a high-low game.

Also StateChamps I agree that Reed is a better shooter than White (Reed has become much more consistent this year), Aaron was the best on ball defender in WNY in the past 10 years and Laterrance is not at that level.

Doesnt Nichols have any other options at the guard to free up Lewis?

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