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Thursday, January 29, 2015


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It was a very entertaining game and clear that Park has a lot of offensive weapons and can score quickly and often. As impressive as Park’s offense was, I thought Park’s defense and how St. Joe’s attacked it was the key to the game especially in the first half. Overall, St. Joe’s did a very good job of methodically breaking Park’s full court press. They had a couple of turnovers but did a good job of swinging the ball from one side of the floor to the other and advancing the ball up court. However, once they advanced the ball over half court they settled for some quick shots and as a result got into a “track meet” with Park, which seems like a losing proposition for most teams. Give St. Joe’s credit as they could have easily have folded but got back into the game with their own defensive pressure and taking the ball to the basket.

The Canisius-Park game should be a good one. Although Park didn’t show many weaknesses against St. Joe’s, only 5 players logged significant minutes, I believe they only used 2 other players and they only played a few minutes. My guess is that Canisius will play 8-9 guys to try and wear them out and/or get them in foul trouble. On the flip side, Park will create some match-up problems for Canisius as although they only play 5 guys they are all legitimate scoring threats and are capable of having a big night.

Canisius, Mckinley, Jamestown, Park, Will South, Amherst, Nichols....All have achilles heels....Canisius the fewest but outside shooting must hit or they will struggle against team with size.....Mckinley will struggle if devon morris falls way below his avg. (And will someone please cut off their cherry picking 10 pts a game eliminated)...Jamestown needs young front line guys to play better......Park will manhandle MMA-B but pressure does seem to bother their backcourt a bit and Golda-puts in the work but sometimes the post isn't fed......Will South has the ball handles and playmaking to get out the area but haven't seen them against a large team.....Nichols backcourt has yet to step up as last years did. Lewis, Shcmidt, Miner could pound glass if backcourt steps up.......Amherst has tough guard play with TC Brown, They have some size and improving overall as a team could surprise at buff state. Honorable mentions....Middle College, Timon, Will North (no push over could surprise) Haven't seen those southern tier teams Olean, Sherman, Panama, Salamanca....Silver Creek (Billy Brooks needs help)..Fredonia's didn't have a starting player when I saw them. It's all opinion and of course teams can prove me wrong in the next 3 weeks.

I was impressed with how well Jordan Nwora moves w/o the ball. Derek Cheatom is tremendous.

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