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Monday, January 19, 2015


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No love for Health Science

Just because I don't go around saying it...yes, I love Health Sciences.

In my opinion, they are the third best team in Class B2 right now and like last year (took East to OT), they could be very dangerous in sectionals. I've seen them three times this year - loss to Park, loss to Tapestry, & win at City Honors.

I saw plenty from them against Park to admire how they competed against better talent. They were business like for the most part against City Honors and took care of business, except for a couple lapses. And the Tapestry game through my eyes, was a great game between two very even teams, that swung in the favor of the Thunderhawks when the Falcons took a 'T' in the third quarter, along with other circumstances.

Overall, I see Health Sciences as capable of winning the overall Class B title, but I'd rank them third behind East & Fredonia. And they are definitely of the same calliber as any team I have ranked in the small schools, except Park. The best thing they have going for them, besides a very passionate coaching staff, is youth and attitude. Lots of talented underclassmen who seem to respect and work for their coaches.

The reason they are not in the poll?

The easy answer is to point to the fact that they lost to Tapestry, who I have #10, and say they can't be ahead of them, which leaves no available spot. But beyond the obvious, the Falcons only win over a team even in the top 10 small school discussion is Niagara Catholic, who they beat on December 8th. The teams that are facing, and beating other teams either in the large or small school poll, or in close consideration for them, tend to get the nod when it comes to the polls at this time of year.

Also, last year the Falcons put themselves on the WNY basketball map. Because they were such a senior laden squad and they haven't yet earned the pedigree of say a team like Middle College, who you expect to reload every year, no one had them on the radar to start the season. Meaning, they didn't start out in the poll because there were no expectations, and there hasn't been any big win to cause the pollsters to put them there.

The good news for Health Sciences as it pertains to this discussion - they get another crack at Tapestry on February 13th and can still win the Charter Cup. And if they make any waves in sectionals at season's end, like getting to or winning a title game, the ranking will come.

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