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Saturday, January 31, 2015


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HENNINGER over WESTHILL 59-48 if anyone cares. HENNINGER'S Speed and Defensively Intensity was too much for WESTHILL.

The Henninger/Westhill result is interesting in couple ways.

- It's the first game Westhill has lost to a team from NY since the 2013 season.

- St. Joe's played Henninger to a three-point game on 12/29/14.

AGRRED; it is going to one wild ride come OOST-SEASON!

Meant to say POST-SEASON

Another interesting possible playoff matchup is in B-2 where East could possibly have to travel to Fredonia in a QUATERFINAL matchup. I believe as of today, East is a 6 seed and Fredonia is a 3. This could of course change, especially if East wins league games against their remaining 'A' schools, South Park, Hutch Tech and McKinley. Takes me back to 2003 when a Eric Rawls and Ace Narvaez Grover Cleveland team traveled to Olean for quarterfinal game and lost by 5. Olean would end up going to Glens Falls that year.

Wilson and Cleve-Hill seemed locked into the 1 and 2 seeds. But I could definitely see East closing the season strong and finishing 4th or 5th. Either way, East v. Fredonia on 2/18 could be a playoff preview.

did Wilsons trips to Buff st end when their Class C rating ended>>??they have always had good leadership and Ive seen them play but I fear they may be a repeat of the Barker Raiders last year who cruised the the "NO" league only to crumble under real competition. They have a Jake Haight style player and the similarities are close. The Lakemen have deeper bench though I would say but if they are the #2 team in B2 we wont have anyone going much past Rochester. However I have not seen the other players in this mix and that could be a whole different look from here. Ive seen Newfane give games away to Alion by a few points as well as Akron and Medina. And Newfane doesnt even have an identity. The Bradley kid I liked and was impressive and he had a good supporting cast. What a difference a game makes when you have a game plan an execute it or when you go out and play streetball. I cant wait to see more on the level of competition in B1 and B2.....I been out of the loop due to reasons beyond my control....good to see all your smiling faces again!!

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