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Monday, January 19, 2015


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Hmmmmm...I see #1 vs. #2 small school matchup on that same Friday night, and have to, respectively, disagree with you.

So is Burgard a contender this year or is East really just a pretender? I haven't seen them play but every time I look at the box scores, they're winning or losing very close games to some quality opponents.

I was just having this conversation with someone last night. They were telling me, without having seen East play yet, that East was overrated in light of its loss to Burgard.

My thoughts are, if you're comparing East to last year's team, they'll seem overrated. But last year's team was special. I think it's more of a credit to Burgard, because as you've pointed out, the Bulldogs are playing some very competitive games this year. They only lost to Middle college by six points, and MC beat East by two at the buzzer. Burgard just might be the sleeping giants of Class B1. No one has even uttered a whisper that Willie Jones' team could win a sectional title this year - but I just did.

The Panthers best label might either be inconsistent, or still a work in progress. They handled O'Hara early on, went to the buzzer with Middle College, and were a missed 3-pointer from Percy Bryant at the buzzer from sending its game with McKinley to overtime. In my world of high school hoops, no pretender threatens the Macks with OT.

So I say props to Burgard and keep it going. I'd love to see Willie Jones get his boys back to Buff State for the first time since 2006, when they nearly stunned eventual Class B state champion Lackawanna in the Class B1 final.

Without seeing Burgard, I would have to agree with you. Burgard is a legit contender and East is just inconsistent this year. I never thought McKinley would have given Canisius a game like they did and for East to give McKinley a game, they have to be legit, just extremely up and down team. Which we've seen in the past from a lot of East teams.

Luckily it'll all get sorted out in February and March.

I'm probably going to go catch the St. Mary's @ Park game on Friday as I'm dying to see this Park team.

Rumors running rampant that Coach Bryant deflated the balls at halftime of the Middle College game 2 make them more of how Percy likes 2 handle them 4 the second half. Can anyone confirm this? I only know what goes on because of this website so someone please let me know if this is true.

I can confirm that you Miguel is God are an idiot.

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