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Friday, February 20, 2015


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Does anyone know how the brawl was handled by Buffalo administrators or how the MEC game against Bennett went yesterday? I know they went ahead any played the game but never called in the score, which seemed very convenient. I wonder if they didn't suspend any players and didn't want the score to be seen by people. If they let Foster play again this year after he attacked the Mckinley bench the way he did it will just go to show that they think winning takes the place of all. They should be very transparent with how they handle this and instead it looks like there being shady about it. If MEC wins class C and Foster is there playing, those in charge of dealing with this will look pathetic. Between Buffalo's superintendent and AD, and the school's principal and coach, is anyone going to be accountable for this brawl???


Middle College 69, Bennett 67

Fred Foster did play and scored 15 points. JoJo staton led the Kats with a game-high 25 points, who finish in 2nd place in Yale Cup I.

Derrick Bishop led the Tigers with 25 points, Alexander Lofton scored 13 points, and Brandon Brown had 10 points in the loss.

Middle early college is supposed to be a school that academically aligns with ECC setting students up for an associates degree from ECC. When players are transferring in their junior and senior year, how exactly is that academic mission maintained. My point, it doesn't! I have been to 3 MEC games this year... At all three games player behavior was out of control. At all three games multiple players F- bombed their coach on several occasions. One player told the coach to F-off and walked off the court... When the player returned from his tantrum he was taught a lesson by returning immediately to play..what a joke. Regardless, none of that needs to be handled by anyone outside the program. A program built year to year with a win at all cost philosophy is destructive in youth sports...however, if that's the way they do it.. It's on them. After the game against McKinley, the administrators and athletic director should be ashamed of themselves for not stepping in and disciplining student athletes after a bench clearing brawl started by one individual. Bench clearing brawl... No repercussions...what message are we sending?! High school athletes... Punches thrown...need I say more?

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