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Thursday, February 26, 2015


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This City Honors program has fallen on hard times lately. In a year in which the Class B-1 bracket is as wide open as ever (they lost to the #2 seed by 2 points earlier in the year), they laid a real goose egg last night. Honors hasn't won a sectional championship since 2008 and last time they were at Buff State was the 2011-2012 season (Cieslik's freshman year) when they played an embarrassing 4th quarter against Wilson.

On paper, I thought Maryvale and City Honors were pretty even teams and I would go as far to say Honors had a slight edge with them having the best player on the floor and the game being played in their own gym. But instead, they got smacked around for 4 quarters and embarrassed on their home floor.

This team had too much talent to let slip away a year in which a B-1 championship was a possibility. This team was ultimately a reflection of its coach and it's gym...emotionless, timid (putting it nicely) and showed no pride whatsoever. After Maryvale got out to an 8-0 lead in the first quarter, the CHS coach called a timeout and I expected everyone in the bleachers to hear the coach's voice while he screamed at his kids to get it together. But no, that did not happen and right then and there the game was over. Honors came out of halftime and their body language said it all. Heads down and shoulders slumped like they got ran over by a truck and THEY apologized to the truck driver for getting in his way.

Cieslik is a hell of a player and probably tries to do too much for a team that could have used more of his leadership skills than his ball skills. He torched Maryvale for 29 points...great...congratulations, you guys lost by 24 points in a playoff game. Coach Kensey would let any player score that much if it meant a 'W' for his team.

I also probably say this every year but, someone, please, tell me why the City Honors gym has no banners for their multiple city, section and state titles??? What the hell is wrong with that school? I'm not just talking about the basketball team either but how about the girls volleyball team. They have MULTIPLE STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS since 1990!!!! My god. Is this the physical education department or administrations fault? Do you need funds to have these banners made?? I'll donate money myself for some banners. Wouldn't you want that recognition displayed for everyone to see. How about the basketball teams state championship? There is a sense of pride for a school that is associated with something great like a state championship. Players following those great teams can take pride that they are a part of something bigger. State championships aren't easy to come by these days and with what I saw last night even a team with Cam Lewis, Chris Miner, Howard Washington, Matt Cieslik and Jordahn Summers couldn't win it this year.

Wait - City Honors has a hoops team? I know they play Harvard Cup football. My preview is gong 2 b really good in August.

City Honors is a school that only takes pride in its academics. Athletics do not matter to them whatsoever so I would have to go with its the administrations fault. There is no reason the gym should not feel like every other high school gym in section 6 with banners of every championship, league championship won by the school. I know its been awhile since you've walked through the halls of City Honors StateChamps2003 but the school spirit is just not there anymore at all and it starts with administration. There is no passion or time for anything else but school work now at CHS and its a terrible thing. All work and no fun is not a good atmosphere.

Also huge credit to Maryvale last night. Hopefully they make it Buff State.

It's great to see Miguel is God posting again!!

Buff State - Am I really going 2 b charged $1.83 again this year 4 a Mountain Dew instead of '2 dollars' or '1.50' like in every other arena in the USA? They better go back 2 the Hot Dogs they had from 2010-2013. The one's they had last year were AWFUL. And there is food they sell at most sporting events. It's called PIZZA. Maybe goggle it? Not too hard 2 make....I can c the meetings now 'should we really sell pizza?'

I plan on eating a lot and want this resolved now.

Ill bring some dew....no worries.They got the handy dandy trial 12oz shooter size now. Im hoping it will get me posted up at center court with no other than CC himself.May even bring other asst. confections...Lol!! I will be prepared for the long haul as its brutal on my crippled ace getting up those steps!

That's a shame to hear about CHS not caring about athletics assuming that is factual. I've always thought you could learn some valuable lessons on the basketball court that you couldn't in the class room and others that only reinforce classroom lessons. It's about time CHS got its act together if true.

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