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Tuesday, February 10, 2015


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Kearney took an OT loss to a not-very-good Edison to begin its week.

And I believe Schroeder was minus two starters (one sick, one injured early) in the Athena blowout.

Just a question, though it may be irrelevant and you may not even know, do any of the schools have good JV teams this year? I am especially interested in those in Niagara County... A lot of them are losing a lot of players this year. do they have strong teams moving up? Niagara Wheatfield, Niagara Falls, Lockport, North Tonawanda?


I heard Niagara Falls doesn't even have a JV team, but figured that couldn't even be possible. They only start one senior on varsity so maybe, but the biggest school in the section has to have a JV team right?

you never know what gives it could be academic or diciplinary to those teams who had trouble or are having troubles....I just dont get how the game you love....(or at least you should or why play) you dont bust your butt on and off the court. High school hoops is a once in a lifetime thing and for some their last chance to play ball at that level....More will not move on than do, but still..SMH.when I played you had to "make" the team....they had tryouts and cuts but that was years ago, actually it was the last time my school won its only sectional B2 title...only to be run down in the crossover game by sugar Ray Hall and Crawford..I was more impressed watching them dunk but we were well over matched.I have alot of catching up to do as I have been off the grid with some health issues, but am cramming my way back to the "view from center court" where I can sum up at least the games I see and count down to matchup or potential matchups for the playoffs.....feeling the excitement already!!!

EDISON is a .500 team but very streaky/explosive; they have had 2 different guards with 40 point games this year. One of the players SCHROEDER was missing against ATHENA was Star Point Guard MARIQUE SIMKIN; He can put up a Triple Double on any given night and breaks Ankles with his handle and quickness; his status for the rest of the season is uncertain. I agree that JAMESTOWN deserves more respect.

The Medina JV team is 10-1 in the N-O, with 4 of the top 7 players being 8th graders. Tapestry and St. Mary's also have very good JV teams.

CSAT had 5 players for their JV game which they won fairly well ....i got their at the end and missed score.

The NFHS jv team is 16-1 currently with 4 sophs. on varsity, as far as academics and discipline problems the Varsity just qualified for the State Academic Team award for carrying a 90 avg. (for the 3rd year in a row). Thanks for your concern, but the Falls is doing fine.

Enough with JV talk, please.

Almost every player in WNY has played JV at some point. The Buffalo News barely covers the varsity teams. It it nice to see who the up and coming kids are.

JV success rarely translates into varsity success. The talented freshman and sophomores go right into playing varsity anyway. Taplin, Howard Washington, Welch, Johnny Flynn, pretty much every Senior from last years Olean squad and pretty much anyone worth mentioning plays varsity as a freshman or sophomore.

That's what this website is for...excellent varsity coverage.

Although I agree this website should stick to varsity, it is ignorant to say anyone worth mentioning plays varsity as a freshman or sophomore. There have been very talented players at Canisius in the last couple years who played JV as sophomores. Laterrence Reed, Matt Hart, Gordon Lyons all played JV as sophomores and have been mentioned on this site quite often.

You should start a blog that talks about JV.

Tapestry JV finished the season 15-4.
Players to watch out for next year.
Paitwan Jenifer
Amir Hannagen
Roderick Arrington
Camron Wilson
Just to name a few

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