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Monday, February 09, 2015


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Nichols beat Park at home at the end of last year


I find it interesting that you have Sherman ranked so high. Is it based purely on their undefeated record? I looked at their schedule and their best wins look like 2 neutral court wins over Olmsted by a combined 20 points. Their biggest opponents were Southwestern (B2) and Falconer (B2) who aren't that great anyways.

I-Prep hasn't taken a loss since their first two games of the year, @ Lockport (AA) and St. Joe's by 10 and 7 points, respectively. They also own two wins over Olmsted by "only" a combined 13 points. But they also own multiple wins over 'B' schools including Burgard (who beat East).

I would even rank 2 loss (Nichols and Salamanca) Silver Creek and 2 loss (Nichols and Randolph) Tapestry (wins over Health Science and Grand Island) over Sherman.

I have to agree on Sherman...have not seen them play but solely based on results and strength of schedule I find it odd that they are ahead of the other top 10 small schools behind them, most of whom are battle tested.

I would have liked to see at least a non-league game against someone the likes of SC or Salamanca on the schedule of a team coming off of a Glens Falls appearance.

I have Sherman ranked #6 for a few reasons.

First, and most obvious, is the fact that they're undefeated two-time defending Section VI champs who are well on their way to a third. Unlike a team like Dunkirk, who came on a few seasons ago for that one year, or even Barker last year, Sherman's record gets the "solid program" benefit, over the one-year wonder theory.

Second, of the teams I have behind them, Salamanca and Silver Creek both lost key players for a stretch and I didn't think either were at the same level without those key ingredients. Now both teams are at full strength and we're about to find out this week which team, if either, has hit its stride heading into the postseason. Sherman wouldn't have to lose to slip from #6, if I see something from another team against a quality opponent, I'll make the move. As for Tapestry & Health Sciences, they are in the same boat as Sherman - winning a lot of games, but not impressing anyone with who they're beating. Sherman's resume is more extensive/storied of late and gets the nod.

Third, I watched them play this year, and that was when I bumped them from the bottom of my ballot and moved them more towards the middle. When their game ended, I thought they had an identity and played solid team basketball, with no glaring holes. They were better than I thought they'd be after graduating some key starters, and I left saying to myself, "I don't have them ranked high enough, I could see them beating teams I have ranked ahead of them.

With all that said, I'm heading out shortly to get a second look at I-Prep. I saw them earlier against the same opponent I watched Sherman face - Olmsted, and felt at the time that Sherman had the edge in Class D. If I-Prep turns heads tonight, if Silver Creek/Salamanca earns a bump on Thursday, or if the Tapestry/Health Sciences result on Friday warrants it, I'll adjust my ballot accordingly.

I completely understand why you both are wondering about Sherman at #6 and can't blame you for being skeptical. But hopefully now you understand my stance, whether or not you agree with it.

I appreciate your analysis for Sherman. I have not seen them play at all either so you would know better than I. I'm going to get another look at I-Prep tonight as well. I haven't seen them play since they smacked City Honors. Should be interesting with a quality opponent in Cheektowaga.

See you there!

I see that Niagara Falls doesn't even get into the top 10 large schools. I don't know if I ever have seen the Niagara Frontier League be so weak with talent. It has been like that for the past couple years. I hope it picks up next year as I am a long time NFL fan. Centercourt, any idea why so?

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