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Tuesday, February 24, 2015


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Will East a sleeper in A1? I believe they will struggle allot with Sweet Home on Friday. Sweet Home defensively is a top team in the area.


Class AA: Jamestown
Class A-1: McKinley
Class A-2: Cheektowaga
Class B-1: Burgard
Class B-2: Fredonia
Class C-1: Silver Creek
Class C-2: Middle College
Class D: Sherman


Class AA: Jamestown
Class A-1: Will South
Class A-2: Amherst
Class B-1: Depew
Class B-2: Fredonia
Class C-1: Silver Creek
Class C-2: Middle College
Class D: I-Prep

AA - Will North
A1 - Will South
A2 - Cheektowaga
B1 - Who really cares?
B2 - East
C1 - Tapestry
C2 - Middle Early Can't play at ECC
D - North Collins

I don't know what to make of the B-1 bracket. It's a toss up really. Depew lost to Cheektowaga twice by 18 and 19 points. Burgard beat East by 2 points but also lost to Bennett by 11 points (also beat them by 3). East had the lead on Cheektowaga with 4 minutes to go and ended up losing by single digits. City Honors lost @ Depew by a point in December but City Honors has also gotten blown out by I-Prep and has lost to Performing Arts. Some weird stuff if going to happen in this bracket.

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