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Tuesday, February 17, 2015


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This game was fun, fast, and energetic from the get go. Percy Bryant and Dom Welch are probably two of the most exciting players in WNY to watch. If the season ended today my pick for 1st team All-Centercourt would be Bryant, Welch, Panebianco, Truheart and then a toss up between Cam Lewis, Billy Brooks, Devin Morris and Laterrence Reed. But again, still a little early. My notes and observations from this game (any stats given are unofficial):

- J. Konst, former Williamsville East guard that led the Flames to the Class B state title game in 2001 was one of the 2 referees for this game. And by the way, I thought the officiating for this game was excellent. Balanced, fair and let the players play.

- East shot an atrocious 3/19 from three point range. All three of which came from Percy Bryant. All while Cheektowaga shot a more than respectable 8/25.

- East went 6/10 from the line while Cheektowaga went 6/14.

- Damone Brown has improved ten fold from last year. He made some moves to the basket that I don't think he would have even thought to make last year.

- Only 8 players dressed for East. This seems like a trend for the Yale Cup schools. I noticed that only 8 players dressed for I-Prep last week.

- Former South Park head coach, Romeo Mckinney could be seen on East's bench. Romeo formerly worked with City Honors in the early 2000s, McKinley a few years back (Mansa Habeeb years?) and now with East. All those programs for those respective time periods were winners. A nice common denominator there.

- The music during timeouts at Cheektowaga needs to stop. It's loud and obnoxious. Along with the "Cha-ching" sound clip everytime Cheektowaga made a free-throw. Save the music for pre-game warm-ups and halftime please.

Also, East called a timeout with about 4:21 left in the game after taking a 53-51 lead. They would obviously go the rest of the game without scoring another point.

Odds of Welch moving to Park next year? Lord knows how Battaglia is getting all these athletes from all over the city to Park in burbs.

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