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Sunday, February 08, 2015


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A couple of TIDBITS:


GREECE ATHENA 4 Year Starting Point Guard JAY SARKIS broke his arm last week and will likely miss the rest of the season; which is too bad because at Full Strength; ATHENA and SCOTIA would have been a Dream Match-Up in the State Finals.

Fullcourt -

You always have info of some sort & know what's going on around the WNY scene. Always appreciate the input.

The Scotia team that won the Fed in Class A last season was pretty special - I thought they were better than Westhill, who won the Fed in B. They finished last season undefeated and their current winning streak is up to 43 games - the longest streak in the state. They've won every game by double figures this year, except for one - a six-point victory. I'm looking forward to seeing them at Glens Falls again this year. And Westhill.

I've seen both SCOTIA and WESTHILL in the last few weeks; WESTHILL is Very Good and SCOTIA is UNREAL; maybe the most unselfish team I have ever seen along with great shooters and a Legit Star in CREMO who can do it all. I would like to see both teams repeat but it is a long road. TROY could push SCOTIA in SECTIONALS while LEADERSHIP could be a Difficult Match-Up for WESTHILL in the State SEMIS providing they both get there. LEADERSHIP may he the most TALENTED team in B with D1 Prospect KEITH MCGEE who is CHAUNCEY LESLIE'S son and 4 year Starter TRIPLE DOUBLE THREAT DEVANTE HAGINS; they also have a couple of ATHLETIC BIGS and a VERY Fast PG. They need to be more consistent to run the table though.

I thought the HS hoops season ended last week? Busy working on my football 2015 preview...

I'm guessing that I-Prep play their games at Grover Cleveland. Am I correct?


The Park @ Nichols game tonight was highly entertaining. Mostly because Coach Reinholz input an interesting game plan. Nichols used a Kentucky's version of "Blue/White" teams. Halfway through each quarter he would sub out all five players. The combo of Miner, Schmit and Lewis were only on the court for about 50 seconds together until 4 mins left in the 4th quarter. 11 Nichols players received at least 8 mins or more of playing time. This stratgey ended up working as they pulled out the 'W'.

Notes and observations from the game:

- Nichols' first 12 points of the game were three pointers.

- Park was in the bonus by the end of the 1st quarter.

- Park shot 19/25 from the free throw line in the 1st half and 26/37 for the game. Nichols shot 19/29 from the free throw line for the game.

- Park scored only 6 points in the 3rd quarter which started out with a 14 - 2 run by Nichols.

- Maybe it was an off night for Cheatom but I wasn't that impressed with his game last night. Took a back seat and gave way to Nwora and Harris. I'd take Laterrence Reed any day of the week.

- There were more Park fans in attendance than Nichols fans.

- This was my third time catching a game at Nichols and the scores table operators and announcers have been horrible each time.

thanks for the recap SC sounds like it was a good game....I was invisioning Park to be able to play Nichols much closer or at least as to what the score says. It has always been clear to me that a deep bench can run a 5-7 player team down most the time although I know there are exceptions like some past Olean and Silver Creek teams.And this is like Harvest time for High School hoops with a week or so left teams have to etch their collective spots out as now is crunch time where the big boys stay up late and the kids go to bed!!.Looking forward to some good match-ups many which have taken place already in what some have called the playoff preview and games like I saw on the CC twitter feed with Silver Creek and Salamanca......its gettin hot in here!!!!!....

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