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Sunday, February 15, 2015


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Game against Canisius was fantastic. One question. Why have Joe Jones's minutes been so drastically reduced. He had some huge blocks in first half and really kept middle away from Crusaders. Yet, he doesn't play one minute in second half and boom here comes Canisius flipping the game. Park's long ball game is ok against smalls but has come up short in this week's games with tougher competition. Word on the street is parental pressure on Coach. Hope for best in playoffs. Canisius is awesome! Well coached.

Hi Guys!

Long time reader, first time poster. I'm a bit out of the loop when it comes to the local high school hoops circuit. I've had medical issues popping up in places I didn't even know were places! Add that to an extreme fear of driving in poor road conditions I've developed over the last few years, and it's safe to say I haven't caught many games. I can't even drive in rain, it's pretty debilitating. Despite my hardships, I remain a diehard!! I use wonderful sites such as this and the local newspapers to keep up as best I can.
The questions I have for everyone are regarding the N-O League. Is this a down year as far as talent and competition goes? I haven't noticed as many articles or highlights compared to past seasons. How are the young players in the league, is the future bright? I was looking at the Section 6 site and it seems there are some younger players making meaningful contributions. A Roy-Hart junior (Xapsos) has scored over 300 pts and a Medina junior (Morgan) over 200. There's a Barker sophomore (Luckman) and another Medina junior (Lewis) looking to eclipse 200. The Orleans Hub reported the Barker sophomore (Luckman) put in 22 in the 4th against Newfane last night. I wish I could see these guys live.

Are these the players to watch next year?

Thanks for any info.

The N-O League has definitely taken a step back from where it was 5 years ago and the level of talent has certainly suffered. Most of these are small schools who are really feeling the effects of no modified programs. Once these programs were lost there really were no replacement training programs in place and it has shown in the quality of player moving up onto the varsity and junior varsity squads.

The names of players you have mentioned are certainly guys to watch in the future. All very skilled and understand the game well. The problem in the league has been the inability to pair talented kids together with other skilled or role players who understand their role.

With new programs and emphasis on skills now in place in the league the N-O should be very competitive in a few years. The talent at the 8th and 9th grade level is good and their is great potential for the league to return to its formal glory.

With that said I think if you get out and look across the WNY region you will see many schools, teams and conferences that have less skilled players then they once did. I hear all the time that the level of skill in WNY has diminished and we are in a bit of a down swing in talent. Im not sure if we are or aren't but I know there isn't as much D1 talent coming out of here as there was in the past.

I dont call it the "NO" league for nothing.JD pretty much nailed it....and I was at the Barker game start to finish....it started out 20-3 and never got much better till Newfane tossed in the "towel" and put the panthers back in the cage that he was allowed to dump in 22....but has good handles and can bring the rain with his 3ptrs'!!!or snow but they fall.Seen all the mentioned players and they are good(nice stat checks giddy!) Definitely some young talent throughout the "NO" but the extra supporting cast that these young guys need fall through the holes that modified teams once filled.I think there is a resurgence though as the 5-6 graders compete with most like schools in the league and another group plays as well.....they need to bridge that gap better 7-8 grade level to get more groups of kids playing together longer as that is what small schools rely on up north here where not many parents move or send their kids here to play ball.Thats not a knock on those that do either as you got to get them where they will get the best competition and court time possible so from here south is viable for some....from south to here is not even a question. There are plenty of kids to play ball but alot of the more talented kids lack that group through the ranks style that the N-O League is best known for. I think under the best play by all, the teams are closer than they appear but a long way from the rest of the teams as the playoff will soon bring that to light.....then fade to black. And again JD you got that on a dime as i said and when you see talent its usually bunched up but its all got to have better seed programs that have been pinched by the bucks to get more widespread competition.We see some of the usual players at the top again this year but we also see some new teams at the top as well......I guess its always a work in progress or you dont progress.Wilson got a good squad...have to wait and see how things shake out for all these kids....none of them give up!!And to be honest its the fire in the kids that make what seem like low level games a real treat for us Northerners!!And yes the N-O league will rise again.

Kyle Bradley is the real deal at Wilson plus they are very well coached. I still think they are only the 3rd or 4th best B2 though. Wilson is definitely the class of the league but to our point there will be nothing left there next year. No revolving door of talent.

Bradley is smooth as silk and I like his touch and his range. Saw the Newfane game and they needed a big 3rd qtr to put the Panthers back in the cage,and it was Newfanes 3rd game in 4 days.I love them and friends with many of the Wilson folks...but if they end up seeing Fredonia,it may be lights out. The plus side is they have 3 of the top 5 teams on the other side of the bracket and need to at best make it to the Fredonia matchup should they win at home. They need to find a way to use the tools they have a bit better against teams that may be much stronger,like they did with Tyler Martin and Brennan Moxham a few years back. I will be there cheering them on as I believe getting to Buff St. will happen if the play rises with the competition. Anything after that is got to be all heart because I just don't think they are at the same level as the top three dogs in B2. My heart wants them to win it but my scouting report is what I go by and for that I think they may reach the same wall an equal or better Barker squad did when they played someone outside the "N-O" league last post season.But at this point Im hoping and cheering for them till the end..

In the N-O there are really only 3 top level players. Kyle Bradley from Wilson, Jason Hellwig from Medina, and Andy Xapsos from Roy-Hart. Bradley has a great offensive game and could score in any league. The other two are good athletes and competitors who will play football and baseball in college. Gates Abrams from Akron is a solid junior who will do well next year. Medina has a very talented JV squad as does Wilson, which features Kyle's younger brother Ryan Bradley, one to look out for next year.

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