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Tuesday, February 10, 2015


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My observations from last nights game:

This game was weird. I thought that I-Prep had more than enough talent and athletic ability to compete with Cheektowaga and at times, you really thought that I-Prep was going to make a run. But overall, their lack of discipline and fundamentals were too much to overcome. In the 1st quarter alone, they had at least 4 EASY layups/dunks that were missed which would have been enough to end the quarter with the lead. This trend would continue throughout the rest of the game as well as poor free throw shooting.

Cheektowaga began to run away with the game in the 2nd quarter when they ran a basic 2-2-1 3/4 court press and I-Prep looked absolutely lost in trying to get the ball up court against it. Lazy, one armed passes (this team has obviously never heard of a two handed chest pass) were picked out of the air and converted into easy buckets. A guard would try dribbling through the press and on occasion was successful but it mostly resulted in a turnover. It wasn't until right before the 3rd quarter ended where I-Prep didn't put the ball on the floor once and the result was an alley-oop layup. It was gorgeous.

I-Prep also plays lazy defense. They constantly over commit the passing lanes in hopes of a steal. Cheektowaga beat them backdoor multiple times and there were very rarely more than 2 I-Prep players boxing out while the other three players were already running back in the hopes of a cherry picking outlet pass.

This I-Prep team will be tough to gauge in the Class D playoffs. I can see them easily making a run and giving Sherman a good challenge and then I can easily see them imploding and getting rolled by a well coached, fundamentally sound southern tier team.

Also, I-Prep is not a very deep team at all. 6 guys were in the rotation and they only had 9 guys dressed. If Maye, James or Townsel get into foul trouble (certainly possible with sectional referring) then things could unravel quickly.

Oh yeah, Welch was awesome. He didn't even look like he broke a sweat while scoring 34 points.

I dont get south to see many games so i take to this board and some guys I know have the game down pat and I feel comfortable going off their game summary such as the one above. I go to all my alum school games and its very apparent that just simply playing fundamental basketball can do many things and overcome many problems other teams may have. Take care of the ball....deny the ball...play helpside defense...get on the floor for loose balls...TAKE A CHARGE!!!!...im big on that because I thrived on it in order to gain court time I had to play tenacious "D: as my "O: wasn't the best. I was a wrestler my freshman year then tried the game of basketball because all my friends did. More easy things is crisp fundamental passing to break any press,it can be done!! other things to keep in mind...keep track of opponents in foul trouble and go after them. don't telegraph your passes,it would be of a great advantage to fake the pass and swing it back and keep the "D" honest. Get a hand up in the face of a shooter and keep your feet on the ground. A good player knows when to leave the floor or only go straight up..the list goes on but when we talk about athleticism and combine it with even a few of the basics will make a good player a better player or even a great player. Sometimes going back to basics for an hour a week is a good thing to break the train of thought players develop over time. There are some guys who can get away with it because they just are that good...But a fundamentally sound player will never be a liability on the court.Great post SC2003..I know for most this is old hat and a "no kidding" post but it sounds like it wouldn't hurt some teams to brush up a bit and take it to the court when the games on the line because if you don't take care of the ball your not going to take care of the game...its where games are won and lost. thanks for your time and sorry for those I bored with the post.

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