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Sunday, March 01, 2015


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Munjie Brown certainly would be one of Medina's best players -- had he not graduated last year. But then, there probably aren't many people in WNY who could name more than two players in our league.

The league has been slim pickin and the runs that teams made last year - Barker, only to get buried when they played a real team....B1 is weak...very weak...as the crossover game will point out. Theere are 5 teamsd in B2 that are better than anyone in B1 except maybe Burgard..who will roll to the champoinship...and in B2 Fredonia is theirs to lose....doubt that will happen. Wilson is Ok but they will learn what Barker learned last year.

aside from your Medina team there were a bunch of teams a few notches below....i saw Newfane play Medina tough at home with a great dunk by Sam Watkins but Medina very discplined and they still made a gasme of it....I looks for Medina to be at the top next year but if the boys put the work in over the summer they can at best improve and look like they are hungey and not playing pickup ball on game nites. Good luck to you guys and you already know Burgard ...I think...did Medina play Burgard this season???what was the score?? because Albion is not much to worry...i think on of Newfanes for wins was Albion...(not sure) but thought they won at home.

My boys each shared a league tilte..My oldest as a senior shared with wilson....then the next year my other boy won the title along with wilson. and the following year lost to csat twice by a total of 5 points and only other loss was to Akron by 2...3 losses combined 7 points...now thats fun stuff..was all league to..but none of my boys topped Dad!!!...we were sction6 B2 champs in 80...the only one Newfane ever had...my oldest took second that year. Best of Luck to you Coach...ill be there at courtside with that CC guy.

Trust me, I'm well aware Newfane won that 1980 game, as I was on the other bench for Starpoint! It was tough to swallow after we'd won two close games over the Panthers in the regular season.

No doubt the N-O and B-1 are down a bit this year. And CC does a great job with HS hoops, but I had to have a little fun with the Munjie thing. I'm glad three N-O teams get the chance to play on the big stage, regardless of the strength of the bracket.

I definitely had that one coming...

Congrats to Kyle Bradley on his monster game. He's a great kid and player, and now others know it, too. You did the N-O proud tonight.

Hey GAME. Looks like you swung and missed on your predictions above. Albion beats Burgard and makes it to the finals. medina almost joins them while Wilson scares the pants off of Fredonia. Is the N-O an inferior league? I don't think so.

So because Wilson gave Fredonia a game and Medina ALMOST won, that makes the N-O a legit league? There are no trophies for 3rd and 4th place. The N-O doesn't have a reputation for being a very good basketball league come playoff time. They have what, 2 sectional titles in the last 30 years, 3 if you include CSAT in 2012? I respect their competitiveness but history says it's an inferior league.

Just a random bit:

N-O stands for Niagara-Orleans.

Those 3 titles you refer to in the last 30 years were won by the two teams in that league from Erie County:

Akron 2009, 2010 & CSAT 2012

It's been 35 years since a team from the N-O in Niagara County won (Newfane, 1980) and 43 years for an Orleans County team (Albion, 1972).

The prediction was that Wilson would get buried just like Barker did last year. Burgard would win B1 and they didn't. The statement was that the N-O "league"could not compete. But they did and that makes them better then what GAME projected them to be. You've got to be willing to take a hit when you step out predict and you're wrong.

Class B teams that made it to Buff State:

N-O -- 3
Yale Cup I -- 2
ECIC IV -- 1
CCAA I -- 1

The Niagara-Orleans league may be down, but no more than WNY (public school) basketball in general. Especially when it comes to the smaller schools.

That's a useless stat. A majority of those leagues have teams that are in different classifications than "B". Then you are discounting the teams that made it to the semi-finals at JCC. There are 7 teams in the N-O league, 6 of them are in Class B. There are 15 teams in the Yale Cup, 7 are in Class B. There are 6 teams in ECIC III, 3 are in Class B. CCAA I has 13 teams (East and West), only 2 of them are in Class B.

The Yale Cup sent 5 teams to Buff State and JCC. 3 of those teams will be playing for a championship. ECIC III sent 3 teams to Buff State and 2 of those teams will be playing for a championship. CCAA I sent 5 teams to Buff State and JCC and 3 (possibly 4) of those teams will be playing for a championship. The N-O league is down but the rest of WNY public school basketball is not.

state champ how can the N-O be down if in your previous post you state that they've never been up? Which is it?

Where did I state that "they're never been up"? I stated that they won 3 sectional titles in the last 30 years. So on 3 separate occasions they've been "up" I guess if you want to call it that.

I appreciate all of your statistical information. I never realized the N-O's history of not winning sectional titles. Kind of sad . I can see now why many people pay little attention to it.
Good luck to Albion on Saturday. Hopefully they can go against this trend.

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