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Monday, March 09, 2015


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Notes and Observations:

East vs. Fredonia:

- Great competitive game. The difference between this game and the game these two played a few weeks ago was like night and day. Definitely have to wonder if Coach Bryant held back down in Fredonia.

- Percy Bryant was the best player on the floor followed by John Piper who played tough M2M defense on Bryant and knocked down some tough shots from beyond the arc.

- East shot surprisingly well from the free throw line going 11/14 for the game, including a clutch 8/11 in the 4th quarter.

- East did a tremendous job of limiting Fredonia to one shot per possession. Although Fredonia shot around 50% from the field, they only took about 40 shots compared to East's 56 shots.

- Fredonia didn't score their first point of the 3rd quarter until the 3:48 mark and didn't make their first (only) FG until 38 seconds left in the quarter.

- I really like Pat Moore for Fredonia and I think he has a shot for league POY next year but he needs to STOP WITH THE FLOPPING! My god. On offense and defense. He flopped 4 times in this game, 3 were called for charges and 1 no call. He flopped 3 times against Wilson as well.

- As centercourt noted above, this was Coach Bryant's 13th sectional championship. He has won a sectional title in 3 different classifications (3 in class C, 7 in Class B and 3 in Class A). If the cut-off is still 279 students then it looks like East will drop down to C-1 next year.

The B/C cut-off for 2015/16 is 280 so both East and Cleve-Hill will drop to C.

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