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Monday, November 16, 2015


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Doing preseason picks, top returners, and coaching changes?

Season Preview will be out in a couple weeks with all that good stuff.

Thanks for the schedule - I've got basically the remainder of the schedule you're missing in case you're interested, along with a few edits from above.


You're the MAN CC..What would we do without you

Was it my imagination or didn't I see I-Prep @ Cheektowaga on here for December 1st?

Observations from the Pastor-Cooper:

Park and Timon were the two best teams and should make things interesting in MMA for the defending champs.

East and Middle College, to me, looked to have the early season edge on the Macks in the Yale Cup.

There is a significant amount of young talent (sophomores and freshman) contributing on top teams.

Just a couple of curious questions: is there a web site anywhere that has the full schedule of girls HS B-ball games like this schedule here for boys?

Is there a web site (as they have for football) that lists the rosters of all of the schools for basketball?

I would find both to be very helpful.

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