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Saturday, December 19, 2015


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Where the private schools try to excel with recruiting players Jamestown excels through exemplary coaching of the players they have which is so important. The Monsignor Martin League has abandoned the principles of its constitution when it comes to athletics. Coach Drake does an outstanding job every year in developing the kids who already attend JHS.

The eighth grader is recruited from another school. How can you say that. Paige was recruited, the kid from rochester a few years back and many others. Drake has always recruited and always will. Kids live in his house when they come to Jamestown. How can the AD at Jamestown allow that..... :) Sorry, but the truth.

Good job "JT fan". Anyone with any local basketball knowledge knows that Drake has always recruited. Very well known fact in the Southern Tier. Kids have absolutely lived with him too! Always wondered how he gets away with it, smh

8th grader is from Randolph , dad was a coach there. Now big surprise , dad is on staf at Jamestownn . Drake is starting young nowadays lol.

Obviously Mr. Cowan knew that Tyler Hind attended Randolph schools before transferring to Jamestown this year... obviously he's trying to get a rise out of people, SMH.

Tyler's father played with coach Drake in college and his mom is a teacher in the Jamestown Schools. They felt the best move for his education and athletics was to transfer too Jamestown. No different then any kid in Buffalo going to Canisius, St. Joes, Park, or a kid transferring within Williamsville, etc. Parents and kids will continue to transfer over time to help them with their academics or athletics, there is no stopping that.

Jaysean Paige and Brandon Kellam were not recruited to Jamestown, they both had family here and unfortunately came from broken homes and Coach Drake allowed them to stay at his house while they dealt with these issues and both ultimately transferred out of the area to move with family. Call it what it is, but don't call it recruiting.

jT fan, The AD at jamestown is Drake

WNYHOOPS. Your turning your head on the truth. All of WNY knows how Jamestown basketball works. When coach feels they will be weaker he looks for players. Just like the big kid from southwestern who ended up not coming to JT this season. Having players live in your house is an instant red flag. Also being the ,AD should also be a bigger reason to follow the rules. Truth hurts. I am calling it what it is.

Your obviously a very bitter and jealous person, but will leave that where it is for right now.

This isn't college basketball, to think a public high school coach in the Southern-Tier can go "recruit talent" is an asinine statement. To get a parent to commit to move into your district or pay tuition is not quite as easy as handing a kid some scholarship to come to your school for free, so please quit making out Coach Drake to be the Calipari of WNY Basketball.

I will let Jamestown's record of excellence and its number of all WNY players who were born and raised at Chadakoin Park, the Jamestown Y, and driveways across the city speak for itself...

WNY. Maybe some others from WNY should chime in here. The fans in Jamestown are fooled. You will see. Jealous is a poor description. You need to look beyond your hometown. Merry Christmas. I hope you get a seven footer from Syracuse from Santa. Lol.

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