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Friday, December 04, 2015


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Observations from the MEC/Park game:

- Nwora is a player. My preseason pick for WNY POY. He does it all, shoots, drives, rebounds, plays smart defense and his size is a problem for most opposition. Foster looked lost trying to guard him.

- Speaking of Foster...probably the most talented player on the court last night but probably the laziest as well. Constantly the last person up the court on offense, never boxes out, one too many times caught standing on defense with his hands on his hips, stands bout 30 feet from the hoop calling for the ball when he could easily be working in the post for easy buckets and maybe, possibly, getting the other teams players in foul trouble and getting easy points from the line. The one play he did get the ball in the post, guess what happened...an easy bucket.

- Is it just me or do coaches not have their players spend enough time practicing free throws. All game (and all tournament for that matter) kids were missing free throws.

- Nwora might be the best player on Park but Anderson and Harris make that team go. Great tenacity, b-ball IQ and they let the game come to them.

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