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Monday, December 28, 2015


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So the only thing Lancaster has done since the last poll was remain unbeaten and beat a top state ranked school, yet they dropped two spots on your ballot. We are to take you seriously?

Cause you were pathetic vs. Tapestry and St. Francis.

Top state ranked school? Did you confuse South Park's football ranking with basketball?

Dan Nicholas -

You are correct, Lancaster had remained unbeaten and was coming off a win over Tapestry at the time when I moved them down from #7 to #9 on my ballot.

Here's why:

- Yes, as you pointed out, they beat a top state ranked school. That school was Tapestry, ranked #6 this week in NYS Class C. Lancaster is the largest school in Section VI, so they are Class AA. The reality is, Lancaster is a top 10 WNY large school and beat a top 10 WNY small school. They were expected to win. You can try to over-sell it with top ranked state school, and did, but the win didn't send any shock waves through the area or get anybody talking.

- I watched the game against Tapestry. Having seen Niagara Falls a few times already this year, I definitely think the Wolverines are ahead of Lancaster. Because I hadn't yet seen Lancaster before Saturday, I gave them the benefit of the doubt for being unbeaten. After watching them, they no longer received that benefit. So if Falls is ahead, so is St. Joe's for beating Falls, and so is Lockport for beating St. Joe's.

- Lancaster's biggest win was at Jamestown, who is unranked. The Legends don't even have a game scheduled against a top ten large school this season. Their 7-0 start included three wins over small schools (two ranked) and four unranked large schools. The Legends have taken care of business and won the games they were supposed to, but there's not much else to go on, besides the "eye test". Watching them told me, maybe still a top ten, but not where I had them.

- The fact that Lancaster lost to St. Francis a day after your comment has nothing to do with how I voted before that game, but it certainly supports my how I voted. Frannies hadn't beaten a ranked large school in a long time.

So to answer you backhanded question: "We are to take you seriously?" Damn right you should!! The local HS hoops scene is my life in the winter and while I'm not always right, I do always put a ton of thought and effort into my coverage of it. I'll leave you with this analogy. John Clayton or Adam Schefter would offer you a lot more perspective on how the Bills stack up against other teams in the league, than the guy in red, white & blue zubaz with a cold PBR screaming 'let's go Buffalo'.

That being said, I hope you will be visiting Jamestown for the JHS United Way Showcase at Jamestown HS on Friday & Saturday Jan 8 & 9.

Just wanted to say I got a pretty good chuckle with your "how I voted" comment. The fact that you took 4 paragraphs to explain something involving Lancaster's basketball team, whom haven't been relevant since, how did MIG put it, since Ronald Reagan was President, is comical as well.

I'll be in Jamestown on Saturday the 9th all day.

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