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Sunday, January 03, 2016


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Park is tough, need to defend better.But very talented group,Hutchins poised well beyond his years.

Great Job Centercourt; keep up the good work. BTW, Aquinas beat Highly Touted Liverpool by 20 on Saturday.

The way park came back and won that one reminded me a lot of the Amherst game. I definitely thought Amherst had it though, Park finds ways to pull it out. Wouldn't mind seeing a Park v Amherst rematch at Feds in a couple months.

This was really a fun game to watch, going into the game I thought that Park would have difficultly matching up with Rose and Carter of BK but their zone defense was solid and they did a very good job of containing both players. Park seems to have the belief that they are going to win, regardless of the circumstances. I have seem Park play three times and believe there guard play is very solid and unique. They have 3 guards who can handle the ball, Hutchins is more of a point guard and think that Kyle Harris is much more comfortable playing off ball as opposed to playing the traditional PG position as he did last year. Throw in Hunter Anderson and you have 3 strong ball handlers which makes Park difficult to pressure and create match-up problems for their opponents. Should be an interesting game vs St. Joe’s as they have a solid backcourt as well.

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