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Monday, January 11, 2016


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What is your reasoning for having park above Canisius? A close game with timon? Park would lose to aquinas.

It's not like I just made switch, I opened with Park at #1 in the preseason and haven't changed that.

My reasoning behind opening with Park at #1 - the only time they played last season, a home game for Canisius, it was an excellent game that was tied with one minute to play. Both teams went on from there to claim Federation Championships and neither lost after that game.

The slight edge, after a head-to-head battle at Canisius, went to the Crusaders.

Coming into this season, I started by looking at what each team lost.

-For Canisius, they lost CC MVP LaTerrance Reed and 3rd Team All-CC Josh Huffman - the best defensive player in WNY. The best backcourt in WNY graduated.

-For Park, they lost 3rd Team All-CC Derek Cheatom and Fifth Team All-CC Randy Golda.

* Both teams lost two exceptional talents, but I felt the Crusaders lost a little more.

Next, what did each team return?

- Both brought back 1st Teamers, Stafford Trueheart for Canisius and Jordan Nwora for Park.
- Canisius returned Justin Jones, Madut Ayiy, Will Atkinson, & Andrew Schake.
- Park returned Hunter Anderson, Kyle Harris, Ethan Cottrell, & Tony Ugboma.

* Returning talent looks like a draw to me.

Finally, what did each team gain?

- Canisius added Colby Moultrie from NT and had Jayce Johnson & Jerimiah Wagstaff ready to step up.
- Park added Noah Hutchins, Chris Efretuei, and had Joe Jones ready to step up.

* This was the area that pushed me in the direction of Park, especially considering the above mentioned backcourt that Canisius lost. Hutchins gives Park a true PG, allowing Harris & Anderson to play off the ball more. Efretuei is a near 7-footer, which is a major advantage in high school ball. Jones, who has yet to play any real minutes, will only make that team better when he's healthy - something he hasn't been this season.

So there's my long-winded answer. It doesn't mean I'm right, as I expect the Park/Canisius games to be epic. But I did put much thought into who should open as #1 and I haven't seen any reason to pull the plug on Park yet - they are undefeated with some very good wins. Canisius once again looks awesome, even better than I expected. The Crusader's close game with Timon and rout of Joe's are both games that I feel are really somewhere in the middle. What I mean is, I think Canisius is probably more than one point better than Timon and probably not really 36 points better than Joe's. No results from either Park or Canisius have come close to swaying the way I've been voting, I'm just waiting for them to settle things on the court and standing pat in the meanwhile.

Completely fair explanation just wanted to hear your thoughts on the teams. I think chs is really 36 points better than joes but I agree otherwise.

Who remembers that time when City Honors only scored 11 points in a varsity game on their home court? #iwishididn't

Seems like the message that school sent their athletic teams of "we don't care about you" by ignoring their state titles in volleyball and basketball is finally catching up to them. Its really disgraceful! The kids at that school are great students already, but when no one cares about anything else they accomplish, soon they stop caring. Did I mention what a disgrace? Someone should check their basketball program for a pulse!

Couldn't agree more.

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