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Monday, February 22, 2016


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Great game St Francis. They looked more prepared and played liked they wanted it more. Joes was to undisciplined, especially in the second have. The guards seemed to have to create their own shots which ST. Francis did not not allow them to be of very good quality. Nice job coach Ferris.

Nice job Nichols, they played as a team on Sunday. Senior leadership, Junior scorers and a sophomore guard who controls the tempo. They could give Walsh a battle if they play that way on Thursday. Talented young group of players.

I don't think any of these teams will be able to stop Walsh this year. They are tough young players, great discipline and when they get hot from three, they don't miss. Hopefully get to see them in states.

I expect Walsh to dissappoint all of us down here and lose in the semifinals. too cocky. Nichols plays harder and wont rely on getting hot from 3. Thank god we have Olean to be proud of!

Impressive wins by Nichols and Niagara Catholic last night. Missing players hurt St Marys a lot.

I enjoyed the Walsh Nichols game a lot. Back and forth. Kemp hitting big threes for Walsh. Those Nichols boys play hard. Shoot it well. Johnson knocking down threes early, Cooper had stellar game and the others played all out. Banacsak gritty running the show and number 12 off the bench was excellent. Maybe they can keep the cinderella run going. What a story.

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