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Monday, February 08, 2016


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Interesting u disagree with 'pollsters' for ranking Panama with a Randolph split 2 months ago but don't mention Gowanda losing 2 Franklinville or Ellicottville (do they still have a team?)

And I am pretty sure Health Science who lost by 40 at St Mary's wouldn't have played Olean to two 5 point games. And let's throw out that 'middle college win' since Fred Foster wasn't playing. Yes the strange Southwestern loss hangs over Fredonia's head. And Grand Island a 'good win' they are like 4-14? :)

I'm alright with Panama being ranked, but definitely think Tapestry deserves that spot before them. I feel that if Tapestry played Panama's schedule, they would be undefeated right now.

My choosing Tapestry over Panama was unrelated to Gowanda, or its losses to Franklinville or Ellicottville. Yes, Ellicottville does still have a team. Gowanda did avenge that loss with a 20-point win two weeks later. Franklinville doesn't seem like a terrible loss, considering they are state ranked in Class D right next to Panama and beat Burgard (who beat East). Also considered that Gowanda has since earned a pair of double-digit wins over Southwestern, swept Portville, and beat Randolph by nine. That's my explanation for bringing Gowanda onto my ballot. I could be wrong and will find out this week, but thought 15-3 with the above mentioned wins warranted something.

I do agree that Health Sciences likely wouldn't have played Olean to a six & a two-point game. But I do think that they would beat Southwestern handily - weird how that works. Also really think HS deserves credit for the Middle College win, sweeping Tapestry, and winning at South Park, along with no losses to teams ranked below them (or unranked).

As for the Grand Island win for Tapestry, I will clarify why I felt it was worth mentioning. GI is in Class A1 & Tapestry is in Class C1. While Grand Island's record is just 5-14, they do have wins over Niagara Catholic, Medina, & Wilson - all decent teams that hover around the outside of the small school top ten (NC has been ranked and beat a Harborcreek team that defeated Fredonia). Also, they had that close game with Niagara Falls. So while I've never considered GI a top large school, if I were comparing them to other small schools, that Tapestry game has some merit.

Excellent response.

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