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Monday, February 29, 2016


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Another example that it's all about points! Especially in C-2!

Agreed. Center court and everyone else thinks the best players score the most.

Tom -

You've been on here before to point out the game is about more than high scorers, and telling me to watch the defensive players, apparently assuming I do not.

Just a thought - maybe you could put yourself out there with an opinion. Obviously you disagree with my selections, and that's fine. The reality is, I did not see the semifinals at JCC - only one guy. I did consult people who were at the game, including coaches.

I'm sure there were performances at JCC that were more than worthy of discussion in this forum. But rather than use this space to talk about them, point out some tremendous defensive efforts you observed, or offer your own All-Tournament team in C2, you make generalizations about my coverage and opinions.

Part of the reason this site is 'comments enabled' is so people can bring attention to players and performances. I think you'd assist your point if you added some commentary about what you saw and not just what you read.

If Foster didn't flip a switch and take over the second half of the Middle College/Randolph game and you think someone else deserves a spot, let's hear it. If JoJo Staton is not the MVP of that bracket, then who? If Mason Bosley did not warrant recognition from Randolph - your forum awaits. Thought there were one or two players from Silver Creek more responsible for them pushing the Kats to the very end? Tell us.

^boom roasted Tom

You do good work for one man centercourt, keep it up, maybe find some interns!

WNYbball fan, how can you say that center court and the rest of the media/basketball fans do not only recognize the high point scorers in all games. Look at any one recognized by centercourt or anyone else, its always the high scorers. Players who grab a lot of rebounds or who are great defenders are a big part of their team. But it just goes unnoticed. Which is not center courts fault nor is it any other media writers fault. Its just a lack of watching the game and knowing the overall concept of how to win. What about the guards who get the ball to the forwards inside or to the other guards on the break. Completely unnoticed. I guess its like the offensive lineman in football. Its not that center court is not doing good things for high school basketball, its just he needs to see other parts of the game. Example, what is listed on his tweets.... only the high scorers. Point proven.

I mean hes one person, and almost all of those players are the best players on their winning teams, so if he gets 38/42 player correct, id say thats pretty stellar for one reporter who watches all the top games he can and consults coaches, who coach these players so..

As a coach that had several conversations with centercourt after both wins and losses I can assure you that he has extensive knowledge of the game, as well as fully takes into consideration the "glue" guys your are talking about in your posts. After a recent win, his only questions were geared directed about a player of ours who scored 2 points that game, but guarded the opposing teams best player, dished out 4 assists and took 3 charges in the game. He tweets scores to his followers simply because that what people want to see in his tweets. He has mentioned to me several times that he wished more viewers and HS basketball enthusiasts would use this comment section more to inform everyone about what they are seeing around the basketball circuit on a nightly basis so more of the student athletes that are out there getting the job done but not doing it in the scoring column get recognized, but I can tell you he does recognize that these players are a big part of a teams success and goes out of his way to learn about these players and promote them as much as possible.

Pretty sure centercourt recognizes 10 players at the end of the year for their defensive efforts in his annual awards post.

yeah so give the man the credit he does a great job for one man is all im trying to get

Centercourt does a great job. He is not paid to do any of this. He is the best and only extensive local coverage in the area, maybe you guys are happier with just the boxscores or limited articles in the Buffalo news. Keep doing what you are doing, a lot of fans like myself appreciate your coverage.

exactally we take him for granted when he is an unpaid reliable source

Centercourt does an excellent job. His coverage is comprehensive, insightful and accurate. Without his reporting high school players in WNY would get only the minimal and often inaccurate coverage supplied by the BN. During the almost forty years that I've followed high school basketball in this area, with the possible exception of Keith McShea, no one has done a better job of promoting high school basketball in the WNY.

Could not agree more with PJB, they shouldput a bronze statue of the guy outside of Buff State for all the work he has done on behalf of high school basketball in WNY.

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