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Sunday, February 14, 2016


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According to the 2016-2017 BEDS numbers, Olean will be moving back up to Class A next year by only 3 students.


East High just missed being in Class D by 12 students. Geez. With the players they have coming back, could you imagine that type of a team in 'D'?

StateChamps, are the cutoff #'s available or are you assuming they will stay the same? It looks like you are using the 2015-2016 cutoff #s. I'm not sure how often they are updated.

I was going off of this:


You are correct, they just released the schools BED numbers and not the actual cutoff numbers between classes. I was going off of the assumption that they won't change but it is very possible that it might.

I know they didn't change from the 2014-2015 to 2015-2016 season.

So with what, 30+ sectional games going on tonight, where are you headed tonight, CC?

Kenmore West @ Lancaster

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