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Monday, March 14, 2016


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After watching the first half of the Class C state title game, you almost had to feel sorry for Haldane who just came off of a nail biting of a win in the semi-finals. This MEC team was just simply unfair to the rest of the teams in Class C. Early College International of Rochester would have easily beaten these teams as well and I think Olmsted probably could have hung with Ausable, Haldane and Moravia.

The front line of Johnson and Truit was something that no Class C team could match. There would be no opposing player who could be quicker than Jemes. There would be no other player more athletic than Foster. There would be no other player that had the outside shooting abilities of Staton and Rivera. There was no way MEC wasn't going to win States.

Haldane started the game playing a box-and-one on Foster and I said to myself, "They're playing the box-and-one on the wrong player" and sure enough, Jojo Staton lit them up in the first half. But, barring some type of miracle, there was no game plan that Haldane could have thrown at MEC that would have made the game competitive.

After watching the Class B teams, I honestly believe that MEC would have been the second best team in Class B behind Olean.

Congratulations Haldane, you beat every PUBLIC school you played. People over at NYSPHSAA need to stop being lazy and clueless and place this College team in the correct classification. I’ve been watching high school basketball for 40 years, Buffalo Middle College is NOT a Class C team. C’mon, most public schools can only dream of going to the State Championship. If it does happen, on average, it’s probably a once in a lifetime event for that school. But no, BMC has played in 4 title games in 7 years. Destroying any chance of a real public school experiencing that moment. And don't give me that comeback of "To be the best, you gotta beat the best." If that's the case, why doesn't the Class D champion have to play the Class AA champion? They're all high school kids after all?

Someone wake up. The numbers, the averages, the chances, do not add up. How can they even feel good about winning?

MEC is a public school, so I don't know what you're talking about. Their BEDS number is at 217 ('15-'16 season). What is a "real public school" as you put it?

Dominant teams like this come about every now and then. Traditional went to the state title game in Class C 5 times in 7 years in the mid 90s to early 00s. Winning 4 titles and the average margin of victory in those title games were 13 points.

Amityville won 4 straight Class B state titles from '00-'03 and did so in dominating fashion. They're a public school.

You're just bitter. You'll get over it.

Well said StateChamps and MEC is a lot of fun to watch!

Okay, I was wrong, I didn't realize they were classified as a public school. It seems there is a huge difference between "city class C" and "rural class C."

I guess only time will tell. If they go on a 15-20 year drought and never go back to the state championships, then I'll consider them to be exactly like every other public school in NY. But my gut tells me that is not going to happen.

NYSPHSAA Joke - Now there I can agree with you. There is a big difference between "city Class C" and "rural Class C". The City of Buffalo has a much larger pool of kids to choose from as opposed to a small town. Gone are the days where kids were forced to go to their neighborhood high school. Parents have the right to decide which city public school they send their kid. A kid could be living in South Buffalo and send their kid to McKinley, which, if taking the NFTA, would probably take close to an hour with all the transfers.

Another factor to consider is the emergence of Charter Schools within the city of Buffalo which is decreasing the enrollment within the Buffalo public high schools. Tapestry, Health Sciences, and Oracle to name a few are seeing an increase in enrollment while schools like East High (once an 'A' school) are experiencing a decrease (I understand that there are other factors for this).

But it's pretty insane that the Buffalo Public Schools have not one school being represented in Class 'AA' and there are only 4 schools represented in Class 'A' (McKinley, Hutch Tech, South Park and Riverside).

Very rarely does a "rural Class C" team from Section 6 do well enough to win a State Championship. Only team that I can remember is the 2008 Maple Grove team which was a special team. Maple Grove won the Class D state title in 2010, the same year Middle College won the Class C. What would happen if Maple Grove was still a Class C team that year? Interesting to debate that one.

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