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Tuesday, April 05, 2016


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They need to rename this event to reflect what it really seems to be---"Niagara PAL/ACE"
How is it that 40% of the Junior/ Senior squads are from Niagara County?
One player from the undisputed top ranked Canisius---yet 8 players from up North?
No doubt some of the players from up North definitely deserved being named by the panel of Niagara County coaches---however--there were All WNY players there--not from the north country--who were snubbed
Congratulations to all who did make it, and to those who did not make it, who were looked over foolishly by those north country homer coaches---perhaps you should form your own team and show up Thursday night---and next year do not tryout--so the north can have It's own game.
This is not a reflection of the true All WNY all stars.

This is not an event where the players are just selected like All-League or All-Western New York and everyone is eligible. Players had to physically be at the try out last night. There were some top players who were not there, and therefore they cannot be selected.

That being said, the talent level in this game is very high and there were some good players at the tryout who, unfortunately, did not make it. But when you have 110 kids trying out for a limited number of spots, that's the nature of the beast. The coaches at the tryout do their best to not only choose the best players who are present, but choose players who will make the game competitive.

@ 40% - What flavor is your foot? No extra salt necessary.

I'm sure if someone wanted to sponsor an event of their own at a good facility and a few select coaches i'm sure most of the top players selected would play. Any sponsors out there???

Name the top select junior/seniors you'd like to see go at it.

Anyone know why Marcellus Cooper is playing in the junior/senior game? Isn't he a Soph?

Athletically Cooper is a Junior. Next year is last season of athletic eligibility. Reportedly going back to Amherst for final season.

Where can Ifind the rosters for the all star games at Grabiarz on Saturday

Not happy to see Molson on there. What does it say to the younger kids. Also - no Joe Jones??? hard to believe he is not a top 20 fresh/soph

What does it say to younger kids? That we don't live in a third-world country where you get you hand cut off for stealing. Or that maybe that at some point, it's time to move on. I doubt you even know the details of exactly what happened, but there was no crime committed. Consider yourself fortunate to not have gotten caught for half the crap you've pulled in your life or how long you would want society to condemn your son or daughter for a poor decision. We're all in that boat on some level. And before you give me a consequences for actions argument, consider the severity of those he's already faced.

@Moral high ground, very well said!

Joe Jones did not try-out

@Moral high ground -- wonder how the victim's family feels. Don't think they are "all in that boat" with you. When something bad happens at one school kids should not be able to jump right over to another school and just continue on their way with their athletics. Playing on an athletic team is a privilege not a right. Sometimes privileges should be taken away.

Myturn...Admittedly it would be tough to get the best because of opinions. I would have liked to see Jack, Rojas, Trueheart, Brown, Ikpeze and I'm sure others could be added to list I haven't seen much of. How about an end of season tournament with all leagues in wny sending an all star team each to a weekend single elimination tournament? That way everyone will be seeen who is able to participate. It's tough to do also because some guys are actually involved in their aau seasons and travelling already.

@ my opinion, Privileges were taken away and major consequences resulted. If something heinous happened as you seem to be implying, there would be severe legal consequences, or at least the pursuit of them. The fact that you would use "victim's family" proves you do not know what even happened. There was no victim. However, I would suggest that he could now be considered a victim of your comments that are uninformed and borderline slanderous.

Moral High Ground - I believe you mean "libel". Slander is spoken or oral defamatory statement. Libel is a written defamatory statement.

Cooper is going back, typical this day and age that people can't be happy about team success if they aren't or their kid isn't getting the individual accolades

Your omission of any St. Francis High School player in your All WNY High School selections is an injustice. Sophomore Bo Sireika should have been a Top 20 selection, and Junior Roburt Welch and Freshman Julian Cunningham should have had at least honorable mentions.

Their schedule was as difficult as any team in Western New York. Five games against Canisius and Park, plus games against E. Transit Tech, Bishop Grimes, and Amsterdam, plus throw in 3 more games against McKinley and Bishop Timon (2 more top 10 teams) and that equals 11 games against teams loaded from top to bottom with talent.

Sireika averaged 15 PPG for the season to go with 5 rebounds and leading his team in steals. He was double-teamed for much of the second half after teams realized that he was the main scoring threat. The fact that St. Francis had no senior starters and no big men speaks volumes about their ability to play efficient, up tempo offense and stellar defense. Sireika put up 32 points against a St. Mary's team (that still had all their stars). And he had 20 or more points on 6 other occasions. He played 32 minutes in more than half of their games. Roburt Welch at 6'3" usually drew the opponent's big man and still averaged 11 PPG. He was their leading rebounder. Cunningham, only a freshman, started from day one and he was their QB on offense from his point guard position. St. Francis dominated most of the ECIC teams that they faced including a win over previously-unbeaten Lancaster in a tournament final at Depew. Sireika was named the MVP of that tournament.

I am anxious to read any feedback, especially from opposing coaches, players, etc.

Who should Bo have replaced in the top 20? You can't say 'should have been top 20 unless u say who comes out

Didn't Francis go like 10-18? Same as Nichols without the playoff win?

11-15 with Playoff win against SJCI.

I actually really liked Julian Cunningham and I think he's the most likely of the three Frannies players you mentioned who make All-WNY next year. I actually selected him on my All-WNY honorable mention list. But they aren't the only team that played a difficult schedule. "Mig is God" is also right. You can't say one player is worthy of a top 20 selection without naming you would drop from the list.

Frannnies and Nichols have solid guards coming back. Add some solid bigs and both teams will be very good. Nichols guards are better than people think. Other MMA teams lose a lot. Canisius will reload, Park will need to give some big scholarships next year.

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