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Monday, April 11, 2016


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NBA??? Let's hope that the comp in the NBA isn't as good as Troy!!

Heard Daniel Scott will suit up for St. Joe's this season. He'll be the best player there since Reggie...we will see if this gets them back on track!

Is this true? Daniel Scott to St Joes. Saw him play a few times this summer. Kid can ball. Not sure if Joes is relevant still...

The good Doc, now signed Daniel Scott!! That is what this country is all about man this kid has a skill no WAY should have to pay 4 school or his parents work! Doctor B did what he had 2 do paid him what he had 2 him, plus free medical for his family. USA!

The Park 'school'...ha! Love it!

Does this make Park the favorite over Canisius and Timon? Burning questions for WNY dominance. I doubt they live up to the hype.

Top 5 teams in the area. Got to start with Canisius. Timon. And the rest is up for grabs. Thoughts?

Park has to be high on the list. With Joe, Noah and Dan.

Wow, I forgot about Joe. Good call PXJ. Maybe you're right. Still like the new kid at Canisius and Timon bringing back a team that pushed Park last year. I believe Will South will be great again as well.

If Health Sciences has everyone they had at the Canisius College Camp this August they will be very good.

Good pick on Health Sciences. 3 good players but not so sure after that. Only saw them 3x last year but was impressed. Did they move up a division?

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