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Monday, December 05, 2016


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Thoughts on Classic

Park is possibly the worst coached team in WNY. Last year they should have never lost to a game in WNY and the game with the falls should not have been that close, considering the individual talent Park has(although Falls is a tough team). It is a disservice to the kids that play but if Park is content with its coaching they will keep being a team that will never reach its potential.

Welch is special , too bad he does not have the supporting class to really have a chance to be a state champ.

Anderson of East equally impressive very good talent.

Rose from falls outplayed some kids with high reps Friday night, where did he come from?

Cooper may be the best athlete in WNY basketball.

Is this the same UPrep team that lost huge to Albion and also to Buff Science in the previous weekend's Buf-Roc Shootout according to the scores in the Buff News? Doesn't seem possible.

Not the same Prep as played at Albion. This U-Prep squad is loaded and their star player is a dominant star. Niagara Falls deserves all the credit in the world for coming back and winning that game.

Thought so. Thanks. The other one is Roch Prep then.

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