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Tuesday, January 10, 2017


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From top to bottom, Class C in Section V is typically way better than Section VI. But all it takes is one team from Section VI which is what they've been doing since 2010. The Middle College teams are almost unfair, absolutely destroying teams on their way to two state championships and two other finals appearances. Still trying to figure out how they lost to Lyons in 2015.

Then Section VI had Holland led I-Prep team in 2011 and Williams led Silver Creek team in 2013 where they both were far away the best player on the court. I think Section V easily takes AA and C this year.

I disagree on Class C....East is far more battle tested than the top teams in section V class C, such as Northstar, Lyons, Perry, Cuba.

I have been following the girls more closely than the guys the past few years but I would think Willard Anderson would be the best player on the court against any of those section V teams, correct?

I have yet to see any of those Section V teams play, but betting on Willard Anderson being the best player on the floor in any Class C game should be easy money. He's become an elite player and his team continues to get better each time I see them.

Good to hear from you 'TML'.

I would bet that Willard is the best player on the court if East makes it to Regionals. He was the best player on the court when they faced off against Clyde Savannah on a neutral court. A game in which East lost by a point. Clyde Savannah only losses have been to undefeated Mynderse by double digits and Early College by 5. Those are the two top Class B schools in Rochester as of 1/11/17. So I think that was a good test for where they stand up against Section V in Class C.

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