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Monday, January 02, 2017


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Through 1/4/17, I would expect Canisius to drop to at least 5th in the rankings not just based on number of losses but the loss to fellow MMA school Timon, blowout loss to the same Cathedral Prep team that St. Francis beat, Park just obviously being the better team based on the "eye test", Williamsville South beating the same team that Canisius just lost to (on the same court).

Niagara Falls should probably be dropped from the rankings. Their performance during the first few weeks of the season has long been forgotten with their most current loss to Grand Island, at home nonetheless. Has Grand Island ever done that??? With that said, I would expect GI to make their debut into the top 10 at 9-1.

We will have a much better read than an "eye test" on Park soon, as they play Timon, Canisius and St Francis within the next 10 days. They will need to play to their talent level to win all those. The MMA is brutally difficult this year. The MMA four and Will South have seemed to separate themselves from the pack as the best teams in WNY.

Niagara Falls is offensively challenged from the perimeter and will struggle to beat teams that force them to make jump shots.

Park also matches up against Will South on Thursday the 12th, so that is four big games in a row for them.

Park showed last night that they capable of playing at another level than the rest of wny in first half of Timon game. Then showed in the second half why they are no lock. Lots of things you could point to, but all under Park's control. The only team beating Park this year is themselves. Timon is a nice team but I haven't seen anyone step up there after Warren and Harrison. Last night was like watching a cat that beat a mouse nearly to death and then got bored and let it suffer and keep trying to get away

Opinion: Dom Welch of Cheektowaga 2,000 pts, 1000 rebs by years end. Should have checked into attending prep school at end of last year.

DOR is right on, Park is by far the most talented team in WNY they just have to play like it every night. There defense was outstanding in the first half last night.

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