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Monday, January 23, 2017


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Glad to see that centercourt was one of the three pollsters that had St. Francis voted in as #1 FOR THIS WEEK. I have no idea what the other 6 pollsters are doing voting for Park and then whoever the pollster was that voted Amherst at #1 needs his voting ballot taken away...probably Dave Universal.

Also interesting to see the Buff News polls having Jamestown one spot ahead of McKinley, despite them losing to McKinley less than 7 days ago.

The News also has East at #5 and centercourt has them at #10. #5 is probably where they'll end up at the end of the season but as of right now they're lucky to be in top 10.

CC - I really enjoy reading your in depth analysis of what criteria you used to select each of the teams you voted for and why you put them in their particular spots in the rankings. Very nicely done.

We all know Park is the best team in around but like I said before they can beat themselves which they did against St. Francis. I would think you would have to drop Park for that loss and reward the team that beat them. Agree that whoever voted Amherst 1 should be booted from the poll. Its either complete ignorance or catholic bias. Either way get rid of him. I think Timon beats St. Francis this week and the argument is over anyway. But I bet if St. Francis wins they get more votes at #1 like that win suddenly made them worthy instead of beating Park. The paper should show how everyone votes, that might change things.

Park has a better resume than Francis. There wins over Will south, Timon , Falls and Canisius is the best set of wins in the area. They lost to Francis in a great tightly contested game. Timon will beat St. Francis and thus putting Park back to one where they should be.

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